"They tried to bury us. They did not know we were seeds."

For centuries, women like Ada Lovelace, the prophet of the computer age, who wrote the first computer program, Grace Hopper, the queen of software, Madam Marie Curie, Sheryl Sandberg, Sally Ride, a renowned female astronaut, and many more women have been making stunning inventions in the STEM. However, the tangible accomplishments of women working in the field have frequently been disregarded, or even altered out of history.

According to standard gender myths created and implied by society, men characterize as dominant, masculine, and egoistic where women categorize as supportive, fragile, and relationship-oriented belonging to the domestic sphere. Think equal may not be the solution for achieving gender equality. In my opinion, we need to treat equally with an understanding of both men and women are created equal. We need to show respect to women for their hard work. I've often seen people talking about gender equality and its importance, but I can barely see those people acting on their thought process regarding gender role in either the corporate environment or public place.

In fact, you should not be afraid of being called a weak, emotional, sensitive, or talkative woman because being an emotional person also refers to one being aware of her feelings. Likewise, sensitive as compassionate and talkative as communicative. Also, using gender-specific phrases in a normal daily-life conversation remind men and women about their mythical identity in society and influence their behavior toward another gender. Some of you may or may not agree with me but what I am trying to say is that when you judge someone or give priority by their gender that's not acceptable. It's a gender-bias.

Under the influence of masculinity, male managers frequently address traditional gender stereotypes in the workplace to the disadvantage of women. We need to fix such behavior by taking a stand against it and by treating people equally regardless of their gender or race. I am always thankful to my mom for who I am today as a son and a man who understands the importance of gender equality and practice in my daily life. Thanks, mom for everything!