I am positive that making friends is different for every person. For me, though, it has always been somewhat difficult. I have always been the quiet girl who keeps to herself — unless someone talks to me first. Slowly, I have come out of my shell and become more social on my own, but I am usually reserved until people come to me first.

That's how it always was back home. It took me so long to get close to my friends back home because of how shy I was. I really only saw them twice a week, at least until I began to know them better and started hanging out with them on our free time. Even then, it took a while to open up to them and trust them.

At college, however, it was the complete opposite. And that absolutely blew my mind.

I thought I was going to come here and keep to myself for a while, until I was positive that I could fully trust these people. And, you know, that could take a couple months at least.

Well, it has been five weeks, and some of my friends here already know almost everything about me. They know my past, my likes and dislikes, my weird quirks. We've gotten so close, so fast.

And it has never felt so natural.

It feels as if I've known my college friends my entire life. It feels like we have lived through all of our adventures together. I truly believe that these friendships have grown more quickly than my friendships back home because of how much time we spend together here.

We are together every single day, for the majority of the day. We're together when we're happy, cranky, sleepy, slap-happy and stressed. We go on adventures, and we tell stories.

Trust has sprouted between us so quickly, and that has allowed us to let our walls down and get to know each other quicker.

College friendships and friendships back home are so different and so unique, yet they're all so special. I am so thankful for each friendship that I have in my life, whether it took a couple of months to grow or a couple of weeks.

I wouldn't trade any of them for the entire world.