Which Classic Halloween Movie Are You Based On Your Zodiac Sign?

Which Classic Halloween Movie Are You Based On Your Zodiac Sign?

Its that time of year again... not Christmas!


If you do not know what to do after Halloween night there are plenty of movies to keep you busy. Figure out the best one to pick using your astrological zodiac sign. Maybe the stars aligned for you this Halloween!

1. Aries: "Coraline"

Your trailblazing personality matches the fiery nature of this movie's herione: Coraline. You both posses the desire to fight for what is right and break out of comfort zones.

2. Libra: "Return to Halloweentown"

Libras possess Marnie's grace and logic when it comes to scenarios that may seem out of the ordinary. Marnie's desire for balance and stability matches your sign's desire for harmony.

3. Taurus: "The Princess and The Frog"

While may not be a true Halloween classic, Dr. Facilier provides the "spook" needed to make this a fun movie to watch with kids. Taurus's embody the hardworking, determined and family-oriented Tiana.

4. Scorpio: "Hocus Pocus"

This trio of wicked witches with a history rooted in the Salem witch trials is sure to entertain any hyper-focused Scorpio on Halloween night. As a mysterious sign itself, Scorpios are sure to enjoy this classic comedy with some dark elements.

5. Gemini: "Twitches"

What better movie for the twins, than a twin movie. These teen witches are perfect with their versatile and free flowing energy similar to that of a Gemini.

6. Sagittarius: "The Corpse Bride"

Although he is shy, Victor, the main character, is not afraid to take risks. Sagittarius's big dreams, and they inspire others to take risks. With his intelligent and artistic nature, Victor strives to find love no matter what obstacle comes in his way.

7. Cancer: "The Addams Family"

A natural nurturer, a Cancer connects with feelings and foster deep familial ties. The Addams Family sticks together no matter what and represents all of the Cancer ideals.

8. Capricorn: "The Nightmare Before Christmas"

9. Leo: "Harry Potter"

Harry's strong leadership persona directly aligns with a Leo's passion to rule. As strong as a lion, the Gryffindor house matches with the persona of a true Leo.

10. Aquarius: "Beetlejuice"

A truly crazy movie with some extremely wild characters, "Beetlejuice" matches the "crazy scientist" in every Aquarius. The innovative and creative Aquarius is sure to enjoy this comedy.

11. Virgo: "Casper"

By far the cutest movie, Casper's innocent tale of love and belonging matches a Virgo's cautionary and innocent view on life.

12. Pisces: "Ghostbusters"

Rejuvenating your imagination, similar to that of a Pisces, "Ghostbusters" is a childhood classic that never gets old.

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