I know this has probably been overdone about a thousand times, however, I was inspired to write this after thinking one day about where I will live when i'm older. I chose the cities for each zodiac sign based off the generalizations that I know personally about each locations atmosphere. Not just any one can "make it" in every city, but because of your general zodiac traits, i'll tell you which one you would survive best in.

1. Pisces

Seattle, Washington: It's a quiet, but also outgoing city with lots of opportunities to be creative and express yourself. In Seattle a Pisces can thrive with plenty of nice places for alone time, and many where they can surround themselves with people.

2. Scorpio

Texas: Any where in Texas would be a good place for a Scorpio as it is not compact and there is much room for leadership and to gain power in what they set their mind to.

3. Virgo

Salt Lake City, Utah: This city is among one of the cleanest and organized places I've ever been to. Virgo's, being intelligent perfectionists, would pair great with Salt Lake City's tidy atmosphere. It's not a small town isolated from the world, yet shy Virgo's can be away from the crowds at any time.

4. Cancer


Cape Cod, Massachusetts: Cancers are homebodies, in a cozy town like Cape Cod they would be right at home. There is a low chance of being overwhelmed in a place like Cape Cod which can bring peace to a cancers daily life.

5. Aquarius


Portland, Oregon: In an modern thinking city like Portland, the independent minded Aquarius can feel free to express all of their many opinions. Here they are also given the opportunity to set their original and creative thinking in motion.

6. Leo

New York City: With the Leo's desire to be the center of attention, New York is the place that they will shine. Their strong and assertive traits belong no where but a place like NYC. This combined with their generosity and warmheartedness, creates the perfect New Yorker.

7. Aries


Charleston, South Carolina: Aries are romantics, and whats more romantic then this classy city? They can take full advantage of their no nonsense, and feisty persona to help them fit in with the southern elites.

8. Libra


Washington, DC: Being that Libra's are often described as "diplomatic", means there is no better place for them to exist than the nations capital. They are basically the description of a political figure as they can be charming, graceful, poised, and caring. DC is the best place for a person like this to flourish and use their abilities best.

9. Capricorn

Los Angeles, California: Capricorns are disciplined and have the ability to overcome hardships. In LA, they would have a good chance of sticking to their guns, and keeping their focus on what they are trying to achieve in life. LA has plenty of distractions, but a Capricorn could enjoy themselves while staying on track here.

10. Sagittarius


Boulder, CO: Sagittarius people are very philosophical and free spirited people. In Boulder, they would find many people like them and they would have the opportunity to be careless and free without being judged. Whether they are hiking, skiing, or seeking out cute healthy food cafes, they would be living their best life.

11. Gemini


Nashville, Tennessee: A Gemini is curious and likes novelty, this personality fits perfect in Nashville as there is always some new event happening for a Gemini to check out. This also means that they can meet many people and be outgoing and creative in many aspects, but not be overwhelmed by a large city setting.

12. Taurus

Miami, Florida: Taurus people are very indulgent and dominant. This makes a wild place like Miami a perfect place for them to be in charge of themselves and create their own way of living.

Listen, I don't care if you don't like you recommended city. Zodiac signs never lie.