The 3 Christmas Trees In DC That You Can't Miss This Season

The 3 Christmas Trees In DC That You Can't Miss This Season

Even if you're not as much of a Christmas tree fanatic as I am, these three trees will surely awe you. Nothing says the holidays quite like a good ol' Christmas tree!


The District of Columbia is the home of many different things. During the holiday time, it becomes the home of the quintessential holiday impetus, the Christmas tree. However, DC doesn't just offer one Christmas tree for your viewing pleasure but many different trees! I've done you the favor of organizing my top three that I believe you should definitely make the trip to see this holiday season.

Lighting of the National Christmas Tree

Lighting of the tree on the White House Ellipse

You know it's the most wonderful time of the year when the majestic ~tree~ graces the White House Ellipse and is lit for the very first time. The tradition began over 90 years ago with President Coolidge in 1923. This years' tree will be lit on November 28th and will be lit nightly until January 1st.

Library of Congress Indoor Tree

Tree at the Library of Congress

The largest library in the world is home to a spectacular tree during the holidays! Open everyday (excluding Sundays and Christmas Day) from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., this tree can be access via the Jefferson Building's First Stree SE entrance. While you're leafing through pages at the library, you may as well view the leaves of this splendid tree!

U.S. Capitol Christmas Tree

Tree in front of the Capitol Building

This beauty is slated to grace the West lawn of the Capitol on November 26th and on December 5th will be illuminated in a fantastic lighting ceremony. This tree's journey from Oregon (and a reverse journey on the Oregon Trail) was greatly anticipated. Aptly named "The People's Tree", a different national forest is tasked with providing the tree for the ceremony each year. Will it be a Spruce or a Fir? Come down to the Capitol and find out!

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Sorry I said it, but it's true


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