Christmas gifts for college students

15 Gifts College Students Have Written In Their Letters To Santa

All the things your favorite college student wants this year.

Christmas is practically here and that means it's time to get gifts for all the loved ones in your life. It can sometimes be difficult to shop for others, even if you know them well, so here is a list of foolproof gifts for college students that they are sure to love!

1. Starbucks gift card.

College students love coffee, but coffee costs can add up and many students stress out about emptying their wallets to fund their coffee habits, so gift cards are a great way to help a struggling student out. Plus, going out for coffee is a common social activity, and giving them a gift card can help fund this as well.

2. Fuzzy socks.

College students, or at least college girls, will love a pair of fuzzy socks. Fuzzy socks are cute and oh so comfortable.

3. Blankets.

Another comfort, college students can never have enough blankets, especially when they're paying to run their own heat!

4. Hydroflask.

Many college students already own a Hydroflask, but if your student doesn't, get them one! They are trendy among college students and extremely durable.

5. Amazon gift card.

Amazon gift cards are pretty generic, but college students will love being able to get whatever they need and get it sent to their dorm or apartment directly. If you aren't sure what they like, this is a safe bet.

6. Bath and Bodyworks anything.

Once again, maybe more of a girly gift, Bath and Body Works is full of great-scented lotions, perfumes, and candles. Grab something that smells nice and odds are your student will love the scent too!

7. Notebooks.

College students are always taking notes for classes and beyond, so notebooks are a must.

8. Netflix gift card.

Another college student staple activity is watching Netflix. Most students have to pay monthly to keep up their subscription, so a gift card can really help them out.

9. Bluetooth speaker.

Students also love music, so a Bluetooth speaker is a great gift! They can take these speakers with them anywhere which they will love!

10. Good pens.

Once again, college students are always taking notes, so pens are critical. It really is the little things that mean the most.

11. Food.

Students will never turn down food. Snacks, restaurant gift cards, or homemade food, college students love it all.

12. Roku.

Roku is a streaming device that makes it easier for students to watch Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime on their television. This is a rather unique gift, but your college student is bound to love it.

13. Spotify gift card.

If your student listens to a lot of music, they probably use Spotify. This, like Netflix, is a monthly subscription, so a gift card to help offset costs will definitely be a welcome gift.

14. Hammock.

Hammocks are big with many college students. They take them camping or just hang them up around campus. If your student is outdoorsy, then they will love a cool hammock.

15. Board/Card games.

Students often enjoy playing games with ones another as well. Find a new board or card game for your student and their friends to figure out and they are sure to have a good time.

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