Christian rap artists like KB and Andy Mineo are two of my favorite artists of all time and nothing gets me through a hard lift or long run like a great Christian rap playlist. Here are 10 tracks you absolutely need on your workout playlist.

"Saints" by Andy Mineo, KB, and Trip Lee

This is a solid cardio day song. About half-way through a long cardio day, there is a moment where you want to quit, listen to this song! It is upbeat and drops the beat quickly to get you over that mid-cardio slump.

"Crowns and Thorns" by KB

This is a rap remix of "Oceans" and it is absolutely amazing. I love lifting to this because the lyrics are really inspiring and paired with the original vocals it is a very uplifting song.

"Lift Your Head Weary Sinner" by Crowder 

This is not a rap song but definitely gets your heart pumping to get you through a workout. It also has an amazing message with it and the hardest part is going to be not trying to sing along while you run.

"Weight Music" by KB

This is obvious just from the title! Lifting weights, especially when you are just starting out, is really difficult. You can get through that lift I promise. Just throw on "Weight Music" and let the music move you.

"Lights Go Out" by KB

This song has a great beat and contributes to your workout playlist tremendously. It's a really inspiring song and will push you through the last leg of your workout every day.

"Overwhelmed" by Big Daddy Weave

Cooldowns are so important, people! Do not forget them and do not forget to have a solid cool down song on your playlist. Overwhelmed is mine even though I started singing every time I list to it no matter where I am.

"Fuego" by Lecrae, KB, and Suzy Rock

This song is wild and I honestly couldn't tell you much about it besides that fact that I am dancing on the treadmill every time it comes on!

"You Can't Stop Me" by Andy Mineo

Another incredible Andy Mineo song for your track is "You Can't Stop Me." Yes, it is mostly just screaming, but that is what makes it fantastic.

"Out My Way" by Trip Lee

Trip Lee is closer to a "regular" rapper than the rest, but he is still preaching to you through your headphones and giving you the strength to get through your workout.

"Used To Do It Too" by Lecrae 

My final song is a good one for a warmup. It starts a little slower, but gets you motivated to get through your workout.