The 91st Academy Awards was a night of star-studded glamour topped off with another unforgettable Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper performance. Another moment from the night that left fans in awe was when Chris Evans helped Regina King onto the stage after her dress got caught in her high heels.

This moment quickly generated some buzz on social media. Fans were swooning over what Evans did. In fact, an entire article about this moment was the first thing that popped up on my timeline after the Oscars. However, there was one thing in particular about the article that stuck out to me and has really had me thinking since I read it. In the headline, it mentioned how Chris Evans' actions mean that chivalry isn't dead and to be honest I was a little blown away by this.

I'm a huge Chris Evans fan (he's the best Chris in my opinion. Chris Hemsworth coming in a very close second). However, if a man helping a woman with her dress and onto a stage is what is keeping us believing that chivalry isn't dead, I think chivalry, and kindness, in general, might actually be dead.

People being kind to each other seems like such a rarity these days. We see so much hate on our timelines and on the news that something as simple as this has people knocked off their feet. I certainly praise Chris for his actions, but this should be a wake-up call for society as a whole.

I think we can all learn from this moment that we should all be a little more like Chris Evans every day so that hopefully the next time some does a simple act of kindness for someone we think of it as completely normal instead of something newsworthy.