Choosing Joy Always

Someone recently gave me a wonderful piece of advice. It's something so simple in language, but so difficult to actual pursue. They told me to 'Choose Joy.' To see the bright side of things. To not dwell on that which we cannot change, but rather, to find the joy that penetrates our lives each and everyday.

But, this is so very difficult. So often I find myself dwelling on the negatives; the things I cannot change and the difficulties I never saw coming. I get lost in my pessimistic tendencies and I can't seem to find the joy that is found in the world that surrounds me. The joy is present, but I don't seem to want to accept it. I don't know how to change my perspective or tendencies quite yet, but I do know this. When we surrender our thoughts to Christ. When we lay it all before Him. Even our doubts, struggles and uncertainty, He takes it all. He takes our anxiety and turns it into optimism, he takes our doubts and gives us faith without doubt, and he takes our tears and turns them into joy.

So, although I may struggle to find Joy, I can stand confident because of this, my Savior is constantly working on my heart out of the purest joy. He will constantly place people, situations and adventures in my life that bring Joy. And it's with confidence in Christ that I can say, 'today I will choose joy.' I will see His hand in my life and joyfully pursue Him forever more.

Today I step out and choose the Joy that has been right in front of me for so very long.

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