How To Choose A Good Comedian

If you ever have the chance to go see a comedian, you want to make sure that you know what they usually cover, or at least, the reviews they get from people you know. When Christians choose a comedian to go see or listen to, they are usually looking for someone who doesn't talk about only one side of politics, doesn't make any jokes that are demeaning to women, different races or groups of people, and doesn't have a bunch of cursing or sexual talk. Christian families want to be able to bring their kids to a comedian's show or to be able to watch it at home with their families.

Christian, or "clean", comedy is very rare, at least, compared to the amount of adult comedy is our world. The problems people may have with comedy is that it is not appropriate for all audiences, that it may offend several people because the jokes could be insensitive to many groups of people. Christians, however, have a slightly harsher set of standards for what they find appropriate for their children, and for what they find appropriate to made into jokes. some of the main things that Christians are against is cussing, talking explicitly about sexual acts, and about being drunk or doing drugs in any way that would promote doing such things.

Recently I went to Tim Hawkins comedy show in Fort Wayne. For those of you who don't know, he's a Christian comedian who has been doing shows for years. As a Christian comedian, the topics of his jokes and the way he delivers them are very different from most comedians today. He is known for his parodies of songs that make fun of the things in his life, for making jokes about the church, the people of the church, and about his own family. The best part is that he does this without making any slandering comments about any group of people, without making comments that are inappropriate for children, and without using foul language. This is something that is very hard to come by in comedy today, where most of the topics are political, racist, or sexist, and almost all of the comedy today is sprinkled with cursing or innuendos that make it not okay for children to watch.

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