Choosing a Golf Breaks in 2022
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Choosing a Golf Breaks in 2022

Spain offers some of the top golf courses in the world, GolfHolidaysDirect will show you the best golf courses, such as Valderrama or La Quinta, and assist you in choosing the right resort

Choosing a Golf Breaks in 2022

Look no farther than Golf Holidays in Spain if you're seeking a popular Golf Holidays option. With players yearning to play at its many magnificent golf courses year after year.

Historic golf courses, beaches, and the beautiful countryside may all be found in Spain.

Take a Golf Holiday and you'll have the opportunity to play on some of Spain's top golf courses and stay in some of the best golf resorts. As a beginner, amateur, or professional golfer, the prospects are infinite, with sunlight most of the year and all-inclusive resorts.

Top Golf Holidays Spain 2022/2023

  • Hotel La Manga Club, Spain
  • Sheraton Mallorca Arabella Golf Hotel, Spain
  • La Cala Resort, Spain
  • El Rompido Resort, Spain
  • Mar Menor Golf Resort and Spa, Spain

Golf in Spain

Beaches, historic villages, and a plethora of golf courses abound in Spain. The culture of Spain is among the best in Europe.

Because Spain offers some of the top golf courses in the world, GolfHolidaysDirect will show you the best golf courses, such as Valderrama or La Quinta, and assist you in choosing the right resort, whether you prefer tranquil countryside or a vibrant nightlife.

Top Golf courses in Spain

If you're planning your next golf vacation to Spain and want to play some of the country's best courses, this blog is for you. We've listed the top five ranked golf courses in Spain along with a brief description in the hopes of inspiring you to book your next golf vacation.

With short, inexpensive flights, pleasant weather, and inexpensive beer, Spain has traditionally been a popular golf vacation destination. The beauty of Spain as a golf vacation destination is the variety of courses available; there are coastal courses, inland courses, wide open American-style courses, and tight tree-lined courses. You could come to Spain twice a year for ten years and play a variety of top-quality courses all over the country. You may also use Spain as a family vacation that integrates your passion for golf, resulting in a win-win situation for everyone!

I personally bring my own clubs with me, but for many that is too much hassle. In Spain, they have club hire pretty much nailed with the ability to hire golf clubs the traditional way at the golf course you are playing, you can also hire clubs from specialised golf club hire companies who will drop them off at your hotel and pick them up before you leave, but the one that got me was the opportunity to hire the most up to date equipment. I was surprised to notice a large Golf Shop at arrivals when I first arrived in Malaga airport a few years ago, which, despite being in the airport, is extremely reasonable for both leasing equipment and purchasing balls.

The majority of golfers will be familiar with Valderrama and La Manga, so I've included a list of what I consider to be some of the top courses to play while your golf vacation in Spain.

Below is a list of 5 top golf courses in Spain rated by some of our top golfing clientele.

  • Valderrama Golf Club
  • PGA Golf de Catalunya
  • Finca Cortesin
  • La Reserva
  • Real Club Sevilla Golf

Best destinations for Golf Holidays Spain

There are numerous locations in Spain where you may have a superb golf vacation. One of the most popular places is Marbella, which is followed by La Manga, Costa del Sol, Murcia, and Costa Blanca. Costa De La Luz is located between the Algarve in Portugal and the Costa Del Sol in Spain.

All of these locations are off-resorts and all-inclusive vacation packages that you can book and enjoy. Golf Holidays Direct® has the greatest pricing all year long, with simple flight, hotel, and tee time arrangements.

Book Flights for Golf Holidays in Spain

Flights to Malaga are available daily from major UK airports, with the most popular golfing spots on Spain's south coast being Marbella, Sotogrande, and Puerto Banus. Golfers can fly into Alicante or Jerez airports for quick access to the Costa Blanca and Murcia golf districts, respectively. Golfers looking for a winter sun golf vacation in the Canary Islands can fly into one of the main islands' airports, which are served by major UK airlines such as Ryanair, easyjet, and British Airways.

Spain remains as Europe’s leading golf travel destination

Golf holidays in Spain are usually sunny, no matter what time of year you visit. In no time, a quick trip from any UK airport to Murcia, Malaga, or Alicante will have you playing golf in the sun.

The laid-back Spanish culture, delicious cuisine, and beautiful beaches can all be incorporated into your next golf holiday in Spain. With hundreds of great golf courses and resorts to choose from, we've listed our top three golf holidays in Spain below for some of the most popular regions across the country.

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