Chiropractic Care Changed My Life In So Many Ways
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Chiropractic Care Changed My Life In So Many Ways

No, it is not "whack."

Chiropractic Care Changed My Life In So Many Ways
Trinity Tew

I have been going to the chiropractor for close to nine years now. Though there were short periods I did not go, you can say I have been going once a week for the past nine years. Yes, once a week. Sometimes even twice a week. And no, I do not "have anything wrong with my back"... at least not in the way you would think. There are a slew of misconceptions about chiropractic care, hordes of people telling you it is dangerous, and not enough people educated on the matter. I'm here to give you some history of chiropractic, debunk some misconceptions, tell you why and how it works, and give my personal testimony.

The History of Chiropractic

In September of 1895, Daniel David Palmer, an avid reader and student to anatomy and physiology, performed what is known as the first chiropractic adjustment. He used his knowledge of the human body to restore hearing to a man gone deaf after feeling something "give" in his back. That "give" ended up being a misplaced vertebra. After adjusting the vertebra back into place, the man's hearing began to improve. Palmer established the Palmer School of Cure in 1897 where students learn the art and science of chiropractic, which means "Done by Hand" according to it's Greek translation. Today, there are 60-70,000 chiropractors in the world. Now, chiropractic is a recognized health profession in all 50 states, and even recognized by MediCare. Most developed countries of the world recognize it with various states of licensure and different scopes of ability. Active law enforcers and professional athletes use chiropractic care even.

Misconceptions about Chiropractic

To begin, chiropractors are not uneducated, "fake" doctors. Chiropractors must have at least 90 hours of an undergraduate degree, if not graduate with a bachelor's degree. Then, they need a Doctor of Chiropractic (D.C.) degree, which takes around 4 years to earn at a chiropractic college. D.C. courses include anatomy, physiology, biology, and other similar liberal arts and sciences. They are required to have supervised clinical experience to train in spinal assessment, adjustment, and diagnoses. That training includes learning multiple different techniques used in chiropractic as well. Chiropractors are also required to take business management courses to learn how to operate the business. They must be licensed and pass jurisprudence exams in order to practice chiropractic care. Without going into further detail, they are highly educated and trained, and they know what they are doing.

Now, let's say you trust and believe that chiropractic can be beneficial. Many people believe it is only used to treat back pain. That is false. Here is a brief explanation of why this is false: "When one or more vertebrae are misplaced or fail to carry out their intended motion, they can disrupt the function of the nervous system. The vertebral bones are designed to contain and guard this system, so interference can lead to pressure on the spinal cord or the nerve roots as they pass out of the spinal column. When VSC presents, a number of things can happen to affect the spine, its related soft tissues, and even the tissues and organs controlled by the affected nerves." So basically, misplaced vertebrae affect the entire body because is disrupts the signals the spinal cord tries to send. One of the main reasons I use chiropractic care is for migraines. That is a "back problem" but not the way most would think. Vertebrae in my spine and neck often are misplaced, which puts strain on my neck, which can lead to migraines. At some points during the month when my cramping is bad, there are techniques that relieve my menstrual cramps. People go for a plethora of reasons. Yes, the issue often stems from the spinal cord, but you don't have to have "back problems" to go. In fact, chiropractic is great preventative care; if your spine is adjusted to be aligned properly, signals can pass throughout the body as they should, which allows everything to function correctly. If your spine is aligned, your signals send, your body can heal and recover itself quicker.

"Chiropractic is only for adults." False. Really, the only thing I can say about this is no matter your age or size, you spine needs to be align. Keeping issues fixed and preventing them from happening again is important for everyone. Cradle to grave.

Lastly, it is a common misconception that chiropractic is dangerous and the adjustments hurt. The extensive education, training, and knowledge of the human body chiropractors have should give you relief as to whether chiropractic is dangerous. However, that is not enough for most. One of the first things I hear people say is, well, I hear it "crack." Yes, that is because gas releases from the spinal column, producing a "cracking" sound. But do not be alarmed, because that is normal, though sometimes that sound does not occur because of muscle tightness. Occasionally, there might be temporary discomfort during adjustment because of that muscle tightness or lack of relaxation, however, it should never "hurt." To better understand why chiropractic care is not dangerous, we should look at why and how it works...

Why and How Chiropractic Works

Chiropractic care begins with consultations and preliminary examinations. The typical patient history and current health and activity level questions are asked, then there's a physical examination, primarily focusing on the spine, and sometimes X-Ray's or other labs are ordered. All of this is to ensure the chiropractor has a full idea of what all is going on. Then, a diagnosis is made, attempting to find the root cause of the issue, not just treat the symptoms. Adjustments are meant to treat and correct subluxated vertebrae. They are manipulations of the spinal column, but they are not forced "snaps, crackles, and pops." The body naturally heals and corrects itself, but sometimes it needs a little help. Once the vertebrae are aligned, the body can do its job. Chiropractic itself does not heal and cure ailments, it allows the body to be in working order to heal and cure itself. The benefits are endless to what this type of care provides.

My Personal Testimony

As I said before, I've been going for years. Since I started going regularly, I've noticed a decrease in typical "aches and pains", an increase in immunity to common sicknesses, a faster rate of recovery from injuries and illnesses, and a better understanding of my own body. My chronic migraines have dwindled in number, my menstrual cramps have relief, and my overall health is better.

I encourage everyone to visit a chiropractor, though I know that is not realistic. However, I highly suggest you to educate yourself on chiropractic care and learn for yourself how it can be beneficial. Please do not agree with something you heard someone say somewhere online. Put that information to the test. The evidence will support itself.

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