Good First Chipotle Experience

Chipotle Lived Up To The Hype

I was concerned that it wouldn't live up to my expectations, so I was pleasantly satisfied when it did.

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I was recently witness to a discussion between friends over whether Moe's or Chipotle was better. The key word to that is witness because at the time I has not tried Chipotle.

I've been hesitant to try Chipotle Mexican Grill for awhile now. Part of it was that I didn't have one close by, but a large part of it is that I didn't want to be let down.

Prior to my first Chipotle experience, I had an ideal version of Chipotle in my mind. Stereotypically Chipotle is seen as a white girl trend along with things like Starbucks and Instagram aesthetic.

(On another note, I tried Starbucks late as well and it's not really my cup of coffee.)

After the discussion with friends and my recent opportunity to go, I decided to try Chipotle out.

I first thought that the decor was a little quirky, but it did have a warm, friendly environment. Even the employees were laid back even as they executed an endless stream of orders flawlessly. (Needless to say, they earned a tip in my eyes.)

The boards overhead showed prices for the meat base (or vegetables if that's your thing). I saw that chicken was only $6.35 and expected there to be a basic starting burrito or bowl price on top of that, but it turns out the base price is exactly what you got before tax.

I just got a basic burrito with chicken, white rice, salsa, sour cream, and lettuce. It was a great portion size for one in my opinion.

I'm certainly no food critic or even cook, but it would be clear to even the most bland palettes that everything was seasoned, from the grilled chicken to even the white rice. Cilantro isn't everyone's favorite, but it's my herb of choice for sure. I was not disappointed.

I found Chipotle to be friendly and cost effective yet satisfying. I definitely plan to return soon.

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