This article contains spoilers!

The thrilling show "Chilling Adventures of Sabrina" has been renewed by Netflix for 16 episodes which will be split into two "parts," meaning that fans will receive part two, three, and four after the second half of season one (deemed part one) premieres on April 5th in 2019.

Netflix had already blessed us witches with part one which made its debut in spooky October of 2018 and a Christmas (Solstice?) special that premiered on the streaming service earlier this December. A teaser trailer for part two was released and left fans extremely shook. Harvey removing Roz's glasses a little too close to her face? Sabrina and Harvey getting frisky and Sabrina kissing Nick Scratch!? Sabrina possibly lighting Baxter High on fire!? We need answers now.

According to IMDb, Jedidiah Goodacre will be portraying Dorian Gray, the owner of a high-end nightclub. Could Goodacre's character have anything to do with the Oscar Wilde character or his name just a nod? Only time will tell. Alexis Denisof has been cast as Adam Marsters, Mary Wardwell's boyfriend who is oblivious to his significant other's true identity as Madame Satan. Denisof is no stranger to the creepy and weird with his track record of "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" and "Angel" as Wesley Wyndam-Pryce.

It seems Sabrina is embracing her dark side in the teaser trailer having signed her name in the Book of the Beast at the end of the first half of season two. Her magic has already put a damper on her relationship with Harvey Kinkle as she was the reason that he had to kill his brother when Sabrina brought him back to life after the mining accident and he came back "not quite right." In the Christmas special, Harvey returns the blonde witch's holiday gift, coloring pencils that never wore down. Perhaps Harvey and Roz take a certain liking to each other? Fans also got to see Sabrina's mother in the special who advised the young witch to not continue things further with the mortal.

English actor Chance Perdomo who portrays Ambrose Spellman on "Chilling Adventures of Sabrina" took to Instagram to announce the new parts using Marvel's "Black Panther" catchphrase. There are no clues (so far) as to what will happen in the renewal parts, but fans have been looking the "Chilling Adventure of Sabrina" comic book series also written by Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa to hypothesize. Maybe Salem will talk aloud and not just have his familial bond with Sabrina. A witch's fondest dream.

Release dates have unfortunately not been announced yet for parts three and four, but I will be waiting for the tea to spill on April 5th. Watch out, witches.