My Top 10 Songs That I Chill-Out To 24/7
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My Top 10 Songs That I Chill-Out To 24/7

Or 25/8.


I'm sure that there are many songs on our playlists that puts us in a "chillin-out" mood. There are a lot of songs that puts me in a chill vibe, but I want to be able to share my top 10 favorite songs, starting from number 10.

10. "The Morning" by The Weeknd

Before Abel became very well-known by his music, a friend told me to listen to this song and I was hooked by it. This was the first song that I've listened to by him. I remember being confused on how he wasn't getting enough recognition by his music but I'm glad that his hard work payed off to everyone knowing Abel.

9. "Shadow of the Day" by Linkin Park

This is one of my favorite Linkin Park songs, ever. I remember when I first listened to it and it gave me goosebumps. For some reason, it makes me think about the beauty of life and every time I hear it, my heart is warm. Rest in peace, Chester Bennington.

8. "Hold It Against Me" by Austin Mahone

Austin Mahone is one of my celebrity crushes and even though all of his songs are great, I have this one on repeat A LOT. The way he sings this song makes me feel like I'm cloud 9 and I love it. He's got serious talent.

7. "Pink + White" by Frank Ocean

I remember when his song "Thinkin Bout You" was super popular and one day I decided to listen to more of his songs. This song is beautiful! It makes me feel like Rapunzel from Tangled who twists and twirls outside in the sun! I really love this song by him!

6. "Alone" by Bazzi

This artist is from Michigan, so yes Bazzi represent! I really love this song because his vocals are so soothing in it. It definitely puts my in a chill-out vibe.

5. "Wicked Games" by The Weeknd

This song is pretty up there in my favorites by Abel. This is the second song that I had listen to by him and it's incredible!

4. "I Got This" by Jay Park

To be honest, this song makes me want to take a bath and chill in it for a long time! This is my all time favorite song by Jay Park and I feel like this song doesn't get enough credit. It's worth listening to!

3. "One Way" by 6LACK ft. T-Pain

6LACK has a lot of songs that puts me in a chill vibe. However, this song is my number one favorite by him. It also makes me sleepy, but in a good way!

2. "Sweet Lies" by EXO

My goodness, this is one of my favorite songs by EXO. Even though they are a Kpop boy band that sings in Korean, this song puts my chill vibes to the max! I read their lyrics online to what they're actually saying in English and how the truth hurts more than lies. However, it has a sexy tone to it. it's worth a listen and I love it so much!

1. "House of Cards" by BTS

I remember when I first heard this song and it first caught me off guard because by the beat of the song, it sounded like a song that needed to be in a Fifty Shades of Grey movie. Since they are also a Kpop boy band, I read their lyrics in English and this song is about the struggles of a relationship, which is actually sad. I remember one time I was walking to class while listening to this song and it was cloudy and rainy. It made me feel like I'm in some kind of heartbreak scene in a music video or a drama TV show. It's an emotional song, however it's one of my favorites by BTS and I would prefer listening to this song while it's raining!

All of these songs are on my playlist and I listen to them all of the time. I hope that some of these songs will put you in a chill-out vibe just like myself!

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