We grow out of clothes, we lose interest in TV shows, we do different hobbies, but do you ever think of the foods that you stop eating?

Maybe this is only because of my eating habits, but I feel like there are those certain foods that in elementary school and middle school were all the rage and then they just fell out of popularity or as we got older we stopped eating them as much.

The first food I thought of were Quaker Chewy Bars…


…Mainly because I feel like I have recently gotten reacquainted with them but I feel like all the time in elementary school there was a box of Quaker Oats Chewy bars in my house but then my mom stopped buying them. Although the substance and sustenance aren't as great for a 20-year-old compared to an 8-year-old, they still are just as tasty for a quick snack on the go in the afternoon.

Then I remembered Animal Crackers, specifically the frosted ones. 


There is something indescribable about what makes animal crackers so good. Maybe it's their subtle lemon flavor for the plain ones and then just the pure sugar of the ones coated in the bright shades of pink and white with sprinkles. Or just the memories of eating them at the zoo or trying to decipher which animal each cracker was supposed to be.

Or how about Go-Gurt and the Danibles drinkable yogurt? 


My mom was convinced that neither of these were actually yogurt that was good for you but for awhile it was my go-to afternoon snack. I have always been extraordinarily picky about what yogurt I will and will not eat, but I was always down for slurping the yogurt out of the plastic tube or the small bottle.

And Teddy Grahams?... 


The sweet version of the ever popular Goldfish or Cheez-Its. They came in so many different flavors, chocolate chip, cinnamon, honey, chocolate. The friendly chubby bear shapes with their crunchy cookie texture. They were always a solid after school treat or a relatively healthy dessert. I think they are one of the more underrated childhood foods.

But finally, how about Capri-Suns… 


I realized just how much of a childhood beverage they are when recently my roommate ordered some for an event she was having and how giddy she got. But truly, how often are you going out and buying Capri-Suns to have with your lunch? Now we all have our reusable water bottles or have upgraded to having soda at lunch. But honestly, there was nothing better than sucking down a Capri-Sun after not having one in a while.

So let's raise a Capri-Sun to all the snacks of childhood that we once consumed so regularly but now we only indulge in them once and a while for the sake of childhood nostalgia. Until that is, we have kids perhaps and our pantries become overrun with these snacks again or the new snacks that will be created for our kids' generations.