We all subconsciously take many things in our lives for granted. One thing I have never realized until today is that we often forget to be thankful for our homes. Not only do they provide us with shelter, but so much more. They give us four walls and a roof above our heads to create so many memories within.

I was born in my old house and lived there for five years. My family then decided to move into a bigger house so us three kids could have more space to play.

Fast forward fourteen years, and here I am, saying goodbye to the house I called home for my entire childhood. I don't remember much of living in my old house, so I consider the next house the one that I grew up in. My family now chose to downsize again, as us kids are adults now.

In my house, I have celebrated an endless amount of holidays, enjoyed lots of time and laughter with my family and friends, played with barbies and my other favorite toys, got ready for high school dances, and woke up every morning in my light blue colored room.

I also went through each phase of my life thus far in this house. I went to my first grade of kindergarten, (barely) survived my awkward stage in late elementary school through middle school, made it through the hard times that middle school brought, started high school, then finally graduated high school, and then nervously and excitedly went off to college.

Luckily, I have always lived in the same neighborhood and will continue to be in my new house. I have always been surrounded by such an amazing community that has been there for me throughout my entire life.

I discovered myself in this house. I found what makes me, me, and I learned how to embrace that person.

From saying goodbye to this thing that I cherish, I have learned not to take anything in life for granted. Nothing. Make every moment you go through count. Because you never know when you will be saying goodbye to it.

I have also learned that you never realize how good something is until it is gone and out of your life.

Although I am excited to create new memories in my families' new house, ten seventy-two, you will be missed dearly. Thank you for an amazing fourteen years.