I know it’s only been just over three months, but I still think about you every day. I know that’s never going to go away, I mean it's been a year for Kathryn and I know she still thinks about Tig every day. Do you guys ever see each other? And do you ever see Alice? For a cat and dog, you guys got along pretty well.

There are some things that I want you to know.

I miss you so damn much.

It still feels unreal that you're gone. I keep forgetting for split seconds at home. I walk downstairs and go to try and find you before I remember you're not there.

There's no easy way to put it. I love you and losing you fucking sucks.

Thank you for being there for me on my darkest days.

Thank you for being there when mom and dad were fighting. And thank you for being there when I felt like I had no friends. I know you probably only licked my tears because you liked the taste, but it was still comforting.

Thank you for being such a great big brother to Inara.

Even though she was always a butt to you, I know she misses you too.

Thank you for always barking at a leaf blowing by the house at three am.

It was obnoxious, but I’d let you do it every night if it meant I could see you.

Thank you for always being happy to see me.

Even when I’d be gone for a month at school.

Thank you for being so friendly up until the end.

Even when the vet came to the door to help you to the other side.

This may be selfish, but thank you for leaving us during a school break.

That way everyone could be home and not have to worry about getting back in time to say goodbye.

You may already know about this, but ...

I got a tattoo for you, that way you’re always here with me.

Thank you for always getting white hair on EVERY article of clothing I own.

It’s weird to not have it there now, it was like some of you was always with me.

Thank you for teaching me about LOVE and GRIEF.

I thought I loved the pets I had before you, but you showed me how to truly love another being.

Thank you for letting us take you home.

I knew the moment I saw you in that kennel at the Animal Care League that you were the one.

I'm sorry for yelling at you when I was younger.

I didn't know better and its something that I will always regret.

I love you.

Have I said this already? I probably have but I don't think I could say it enough times my love.

I know you’re no longer in pain anymore, but...

I wish you could no longer be in pain AND be here with us. With me, and Sean, and mom, and all the neighbors and their dogs who loved to see you because you always made their days.

Oh, and one more thing,

Whenever I read that stupid poem about the rainbow bridge, I always think of you first. I know that I don’t want to die, but I still can’t wait to see you someday.

Rainbow Bridge Poem


Shannon, aka your second favorite person in the world (it’s okay, I know mom is number one)

P.S. I keep crying while re-reading and writing this, I miss you babe.