Who doesn't love Chick-Fil-A? Don't answer that question because we all do and I think we can all relate to these 10 things at some point in our lives.

1. When the employees are so sweet and they're happy to take your order because they don't completely hate their job

2. When the waffles fries are cooked perfectly (true for any place but especially CFA)

3. When you eat the nuggets which have little crisps (I always give these to my friend Emily because it makes her day)

4. When the sweet tea is extra sweet or when it's freshly brewed (IT'S THE BEST THING EVER!)

5. When the employees give you way more sauces than you actually need but you're cool with it

6. When you get cheese on your sandwich and it changes your entire life

7. When it's been a long and hard week and you need your CFA

8. CFA is basic comfort food, duh.

9. Even though the drive through line is long, it goes quick

10. Even if they do take a long time to give you your order, you'll get a coupon for a free sandwich