It is a word that we all use. “Wish me luck!” “I wish I had that.” “I wish I was prettier.”

I wish.

I wish..

I wish...

But why are you putting this world in your own hands?

We all sang the song as we grew up. “He’s got the whole world in His hands...”

Now, act upon it. Put the world in God’s hands. He has the ultimate plan. He has the greatest intentions for you life.

He knows. He looks out for you. He’s a leader. He’s a lover. He’s your Father. He is our Lord.

Why are you wishing for yourself when you should be praying?

“I prayed this test will go well.” “I prayed that God will lead me.” “I prayed for this opportunity.”

Change your perspective of who is in control. Give it up to God. He hears you. Talk to Him. Have a chat.

That really awesome day you just had? He wants to hear about it!

That disappointing news you received today? Talk to Him! He will give you strength to bare the pain.

So put aside wishing because that’s in your own hands.

I am not going to wish you luck, but I will pray for you.

You wish you had that? Pray, and see what God provides you. What you necessarily want isn’t always what He has in store for your journey.

You wish you were prettier? Pray and God may lead you to find your beauty.

Prayer is an everyday thing that is overlooked and not communicated about enough.

There is no weakness in prayer or asking someone to pray for you.

If you leave it up to God, anything is possible. And that anything is going to turn into your everything.

Because God never fails.

He loves endlessly.

Why would He stop now?