Célia: Friends for Life

Meet Célia:

This is our personal hairdresser at Holger. From fishtail braids to double dutch braids, she's your girl. This 22-year-old French student has stolen our hearts with her kindness. From making an AMAZING rainbow cake for Nancy's birthday to disapproving our self-depreciating jokes, Célia is always there to lift up anyone's mood and make you feel special. HOWEVER, do not be fooled, this Parisian is also 100% diva and attitude when necessary. You should see her hair flip! She parts her hair to the side and flips it with a single whip of the head, then she raises a single eyebrow and gives you the death glare. #VictoriaSecretModel? It is so awesome when she does that, but also terrifying.

One of my favorite things about Célia is that she is always my party buddy when we have papers to write, we come home super early together and it is awesome! I can always depend on her to come home with me at a decent time. She encourages me to ride my bike and is always keeping an eye out for me when we ride together. One time she stopped and waited for me to find my balance when getting on my bike and I took so long, the rest of the group left without us. They didn't even notice that I'd fallen back in the group, except for Célia. The best part? She was sooooo nice about the situation. I felt so embarrassed to be holding back bike traffic and at the same time so infuriated with my inability to get back on my bike! Célia, however, was cool, calm and collective for me. I remember her just saying, "Ana, it's okay! Just take your time, nobody cares. I can wait for you!" Ahhh that was so sweet.

My favorite Célia moment, however, came when we were hanging out outside one cold winter night. She was smoking her cigarette when all of a sudden she broke out into the cutest dance I have ever witnessed. I started laughing, prompting an explanation from her. Smiling back at me she told me that she has a secret dance she likes to do randomly but only her closest friends have seen it, and now that I had seen it, I was one of her closest friends. I was so overwhelmed by the pure joy of having her declare me a close friend. It dawned on me just how close we all were in such a short period of time.

Célia, you too are one of my closest friends, and you will be seated in the Holger table at my wedding some day. I cannot wait to come see you in Paris and have you in Georgia. I love you soooo much!

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