I Need A Little Christmas.

I just want Christmas music to be socially acceptable before Thanksgiving already if I'm being honest.

With everything that feels just wrong lately, I would like to feel the same kind of happiness that is usually associated with the holiday season. I'm ready for terrible Hallmark holiday movies and the "Countdown to Christmas" on Freeform.

I'm ready for hot chocolate and colder weather. I'm ready to be bundled in blankets. And listen. to. Christmas. music.

I want to bake gingerbread cookies and wrap presents!

Christmas time is when I feel like people are genuinely in a better mood and less terrible overall, and God only knows that is something we could all use right now.

Christmas makes me feel warm and brings out my inner grandma - I want to make cookies and goodies for everyone and make sure everyone has eaten. I understand that not everyone celebrates Christmas, but there's no denying the feeling that comes when you're surrounded by people that care about you and are genuinely enjoying your company.

Christmas, for me, begins as soon as Halloween ends and there's a good chance I'm probably listening to Christmas music if it's a 'ber month. Besides, Pentatonix just dropped a new album and John Legend dropped a Christmas album too.

I need a little Christmas! Right this very minute! I would like for Christmas lights to be acceptable before Thanksgiving so I could enjoy a ride with cool air while looking at Christmas lights. The idea is extremely calming to me considering everything seems so just "blah" to me at the moment.

I feel like Christmas is just what I need to get a little extra oomph in my step again. Christmas Queen Eileen is ready to reign once again.

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