Caturday. Arguably the best day of the week to be a Kentucky Wildcat, but with such a great day comes great responsibility and sacrifice. Caturdays are unique. They are unlike any other day of the week. They can be super fun and you'll go go go, but they can also be super blah and....well....end early. Depends on the day!

Caturdays are an adventure and you never know what you're gonna get which is what makes them such a fantastic time. Maybe you'll cheer on the cats at Kroger field, maybe you'll take a hike from your sorority house to Waller, or maybe you will babysit your friend and take a nice sit down break on the curb for a few. Without further adieu... 5 sacrifices most girls have made on one, or all Caturdays.

1. Waking up at 7 a.m. in order to look like the proper snack you are

looking hawt

Waking up at 7 a.m. is essential in order to not only A) be on time to the buttcrack of dawn tailgates, but B) look more than presentable. Caturday means whipping out either the tiny cloth material we like to call tube tops, blue rompers, or a jersey that basically touches our ankles.

2. Further destroying your grimy pair of brown converse


I think my converse started out white? To be honest, I'll never know and neither will you. It looks like I threw on my Converse and competed in a muddy wrestling competition, which is the equivalent of attending a single Caturday.

3. Sharing space and resources with out of control girls you've never seen before

who are you

Attending your favorite fraternity's events is all fun and games until Caturday rolls around. You'll get to spend time with your favorite boys, which is fantastic, but you'll also be forced to share space with 10,000 girls you have never seen before and wouldn't really care to see again. Sharing space and resources is what natural selection is all about, and the girls who don't know how to act are first to go.

4. Getting hella lost


Now, this can be the best and worst thing all at the same time. Sometimes you lose your happens! You may find yourself with a completely different group of girls than you came in with, a group of guys, or maybe even a budding love interest. Spicy!

5. Wasting money on football tickets for a game you will never make it to

walk in

Ahhhh a classic. I meannnnn I MIGHT pop in and show my face for .005 seconds. Who knows what the big man upstairs has in the cards for today!