Everyone loves their pets, sometimes even going so far as to spoil them immensely. For those of us out there like that, who love our animals as family, here are five useful things you could buy your cat off of Amazon. Your cat is seriously telling you to use that Prime Subscription for them.

1. Meow Mix Cat Food, Hairball Control, 3.15 lb


For some reason even though it is cheaper than other brands, cats go nuts for this stuff. We use the hairball formulation to prevent tons of icky stuff, but the best part is the cat likes it.

"Specially formulated to help control hairballs before they start, Meow Mix Hairball Control cat food is a tasty mix with chicken, turkey, salmon & ocean fish flavors. This wholesome recipe filled with essential vitamins and minerals along with high-quality protein makes mealtimes irresistible!"

2. HIPIPET 21PCS Cat Toys Interactive Kitten Toys Assortments Tunnel Balls Fish Feather Teaser Wand Mice


For a limited amount of cash, you can get your furry pal a whole slew of cat toys. This set has a cat tunnel for when the cat believes he's a racer instead of an animal. It also features lots of fake mice for hunting practice.

"This cat toys set contains 21pcs high-quality toys. Give your cat a way to release his energy with this combo pack of entertaining toys. A great gift set will always keep your kitten entertained. Assist physical development and coordination. Help your cats stay fit and healthy."

3. Meow Mix Irresistible Soft Cat Treats with Real Turkey


Who doesn't want a treat when they've been good? My cat goes nuts for anything Turkey (watch out, Thanksgiving dinner) or fish.

"Now you can get closer to your cat any time with a tasty little treat! Meow Mix irresistible are made with real turkey and no artificial flavors, so you can feel good about treating. These cat treats have a delicious taste and soft texture your cat will love, which makes them perfect for sharing more special moments together!"

4. AmazonBasics Multi-Level Cat Tree


My cat loves to scratch at and on this tree. It also gives cats the opportunity to get up high and survey their kingdom.

"Give your kitty the purrrrrfect playground with the AmazonBasics Cat Furniture. This deluxe, scratch-friendly environment allows your pet to relax or entertain themselves for hours on end, keeping their claws busy and their mind content. Place near your cat's favorite window or anywhere he or she likes to spend time, and watch the fun begin. The cat tree is a great deterrent for cats with a proclivity for scratching things they shouldn't, such as drapes, blinds, furniture, and more."

5. Gefry Creative Toast Bread Slice Style Pet Mats Cushion Soft Warm Mattress Bed For Cats & Dogs (Sponge Core)


This cat bed is the cutest thing ever. It looks like toast!?! Seriously. So when your cat lays on it he's lounging on a piece of bread. This novelty item is both functional and amusing.

"Cat pet bed mattress cover with deep convolute foam provides your pet with extra support and cushioning for maximum comfort. Better rest for your pet can lead to improved health. Both cover and core are washable."

The funniest part about it is you could probably order anything and your cat would just want the box to lounge in. What is it about that square contained cardboard that gets cats so excited?