The Three C's: Cats, Coffee, and Cuteness

The Three C's: Cats, Coffee, and Cuteness

All you need to know about the cat cafe

Cats. Coffee. Cuteness. What more could you want?

If you've never heard of the Cat Cafe, you're missing out. Originating in Taiwan back in 1998, the cat cafe has been a booming industry in the East, particularly Japan, for several decades now. The premise is essentially exactly as it sounds, patrons pay a set fee (usually hourly) to hang out with cats and drink coffee served by the staff. It's all the fun of having the cat without the litterbox--what could be better than that?

For years now the cat cafe has been a staple attraction in Japan, but those of us who can't hop on a jet to Tokyo will be happy to hear that the cat cafe has finally found it's way to the states!

However, cat cafes are more than just a fun attraction, many are also a sanctuary for shelter cats who may otherwise not get a chance at a happy home.

Cat cafes opening across the country are offering the chance for their patrons to adopt the kitties they came to cuddle with. Many cat cafes are partnering with local shelters in order to find good homes for shelter cats that might not otherwise get a chance at happy home life.

Older cats, for example, are often better adjusted to social settings and make great cat cafe residents. While these older kitties might get passed up on for a younger kitten in a shelter, cat cafes give them the chance to really flaunt their stuff in bigger spaces filled with toys and people.

Eater provides a list of 24 Cat Cafes open and established in the US, but new ones are popping up in cities across the country all the time. In fact, you may or may not know that Richmond also has its very own cat cafe! Central Purrk (partnered with Zoomies) is home to a cycling coalition of kitties all looking for furever homes, and the coffee isn't half bad either! Unlike some other cat cafes, the cafe section of Central Purrk is open to the public without reservation, so if you'd like to support the cause without getting your paws dirty, it's a lovely place to sit down and enjoy a croissant and free wifi. Plus, if you find yourself hankering for some kitty love, it's all too easy to pick up your coffee and pop next door to hang out with the local fuzzballs!

A Zoomies kitty who doesn't quite know how the couch works yet.

In a shameless act of adoration for a place I myself frequent as often as possible, I highly recommend Cental Purrk as a place to relax and distress after a hard day's work. Or, if you're like me, mooch off the wifi and get some work done as well! If you're interested in checking out Central Purrk and Zoomies, visit their FAQ page for a more compurrhensive explanation of their inner workings.

My most recent cat cafe adventure!

While there are some controversy surrounding cat cafes and the stress it could place on the animals, a good cat cafe makes sure that their kitties have plenty of time to relax away from human interaction. Most cat cafes have back areas inaccessible to customers where cats who have had enough attention for the day can recuperate, others have two separate groups of kitties who cycle out in order to relieve each other of their cafe duties.

If your town or city has a cat cafe, consider stopping in for a visit, drinking some coffee, and giving some love to the residents. Who knows, maybe you'll end up bringing home your favorite kitty cafe staff member!

Cover Image Credit: Pixabay

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Why It Is Scientifically Proven That Golden Doodles Are The Best Kind Of Dogs

No matter what color you have, they are awesome.

Let me first say that golden-doodles are golden retrievers and a poodle mix. It's a big difference from other doodles. This is a new, popular kind of dog, that is known worldwide. It has been proven (not really but let's say it is) that they are the best dogs ever, in every color. Here are some reasons why:

1. They are great with kids!

2. Especially sick kids or kids with disabilities!

3. They enjoy the party life!

4. They love every kind of weather!

5. They can help you pass the hardest levels on Candy Crush.

6. They think they are humans.

Or just big babies.

7. They have the best manners!

8. They give the best hugs!

9. They make great therapy dogs! (Plus they are hypoallergenic)

10. They make everything a treasure!

11. They make the best snuggle buddies.

12. They make you laugh on your worse days.

* Basically all these pictures*

13. They are superstars!!

14. They make great study buddies! (Very important for college students or middle/high school students)

15. But most importantly, they are the cutest.

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To The First School Pony I Ever Rode, And Still Love

Although its been around 9 years since I've ridden Change, I still remember all he taught me.


Here's some background. It was my 4th birthday that started my love for horses. My parents and I lived in this house that had an acre plot of land, perfect for the best birthday parties. This birthday party, in particular, consisted of ponies.

My father rented one of those party organizations to bring a few ponies for my friends and me to ride, and that very day I said to my father, "I want to ride horses!" And the rest was history.

I started and still to this day ride at Level Green Riding School, a barn that became a second home to me at a young age. My first lesson, at the age of 6, was on this magical little pony, who now barely reaches my hips, Change. He was this fiery little pony who had some attitude but was incredibly patient with the young students.

I took my first few weeks of lessons on him and continued to on and off ride him for about two years after. Although we did little real work other than walk, trot, canter, then finally 18-inch jumping, I learned a lot from him.

So to my buddy Change,

Selena Spezio, 2009

Thank you for helping me grow my love for riding. Because of you, I have continued to pursue my passion for the sport. I have kept with it, even when I felt like a failure. There would be times when I felt horrible about a lesson, but because of you I keep with it and understand that there is always room for improvement.

Thanks to you, I understand that the horse is never to blame, but that I should reevaluate my position, attitude or technique to better my relationship with the horse I am on. The love I have for these animals stems from the small connection my young kind had with you.

I learned how to be humble. The little things we accomplished together, like my first time ever posting, where I looked like I was attached to a pole just standing up and sitting down, was a big moment, but I know it only happened because you helped me out. Image if I was on a wild pony who had an attitude and was out of control, those big moments would have come a lot harder.

The first time we jumped, oh what a joy. Although it was a small pile of poles at first, I felt free. I really saw what it was like to have a simple connection with a being.

Change, you taught me control, composure, and to have a great attitude no matter what. Those times when you were having a bad day and the first time you tried to buck me off, instead of being in fear, I just laughed and kicked you along.

You taught me the fun of this sport, and for that, I thank you with all my heart.

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