Dear Tiger and Midnight,

Happy birthday to my babies! I can't believe you both are 3 now! I know you guys don't know what a birthday is, but this is a special day! It feels as though you guys just came into my life. I got you guys when you were 5 months old, and it's been such a blessing watching you grow and change. You guys are getting bigger right before my eyes! You make new sounds and visibly express your emotions. You're more mischievous. Even when you know you're not supposed to do something, you do it. Please stop growing!

Even though you're 3, you guys will always be my babies. Thank you both for everything you do for me. When I'm sick or upset, you stay by my side to make sure I'm alright. Whenever I'm studying, you keep me company so I'm not alone. Whenever I'm stressed, you get extra clingy and constantly give me kisses and cuddles. You guys are always by my side and have seen me at my absolute worst, and my best. You help me get through life's trials and tribulations, and you are always there to see me accomplish life's milestones and good moments. I've learned a lot from you guys throughout these 3 wonderful years with you.

June 15th will always be your special day, so I am going to make sure we enjoy it. I pray that we celebrate many more birthdays together. Being your mom makes me the happiest woman in the whole entire world. You both make my life better in so many ways. You make my days worth living. You make my world whole.


Your Mom