Have you heard of Skating Polly: the post-riot grrrl, indie pop, punk-rock band from Oklahoma that is transcending genres and eras with their music? If not, you definitely should.

Skating Polly was formed by step-siblings Kelli Mayo and Peyton Bighorse and was later joined by their brother Kurtis Mayo. The band is known for its members switching off instruments as they can play multiple, and when Kurtis joined as the drummer, it allowed Kelli to focus on bass and Peyton on guitar.

In 2011, Kelli and Peyton released their debut album, "Taking Over The World" after recording it in their living room which caught the attention of multiple underground music icons. The band then went on to create more albums over the years and after becoming a trio with their brother Kurtis, they released their latest and fifth full-length album, "The Make It All Show" in May of 2018.

The band's poetic lyrics and melodic arrangements pair well with their intense live shows and Skating Polly has had a very busy past two years where they have played well over 100 shows, performed at multiple major festivals, toured Europe and joined on a few tours. It is clear that the band is growing both musically and lyrically, and challenging themselves as performers.

A few songs that really stand out to me and I found myself instantly adding to a few playlists were "Protective Boy," "Camelot" and "Hail Mary" which features Louise Post and Nina Gordon. However, the band's most recent single, "Play House" has to be my favorite. Skating Polly's music is so raw and unfiltered in the best way. It's no surprise that their music caught so many people's attention.

As Kelli and Peyton did when they were a duo, the trip will still continue to switch instruments throughout their live shows as it is part of what makes Skating Polly unique. I haven't had the chance to see the band play live myself, but I've been told that they are something special. Luckily for you, the band is currently on a US tour through the end of July so your chances of being able to catch them playing live are pretty great. You can find tour dates and purchase tickets here.

If Skating Polly is coming to a venue near you, grab some friends, tickets and have the time of your life as you dance and scream along to this punk-rock sibling trio.

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Photo by Nick Sayers, provided by STUNT COMPANY