If you have ever seen the show Supernatural, then you should know the famous angel Castiel. He is an angel who took over a human body so that he can be on Earth. Since he is from heaven, he does not realize what things are okay for humans and what are not. He says and does so many random things that you can't help but laugh.

1. "And I drank it."


Castiel has never had liquor since he is an angel, so he did not realize that he only had to find the liquor store and not drink it.

2. "You seem to do the exact opposite."


Welcome to Earth, Castiel. When it comes to us humans, we rarely listen to other people when they tell us not to do something. That is just the way we are.

3. "I'm hugging you."


Hugs are a very common thing to get from family and friends, but not to Castiel. He has never gotten one and he got scared when he was given one.

4. "Why does he keep slapping her rear?"


This was the first time Castiel was introduced to porn. Never introduce an angel to this.

5. "The voice says I'm almost out of minutes."


Ever wondered what an angel would be like using human technology for the first time? Well here you go, he doesn't understand what minutes are on cell-phones.

6. Umm, what?


Okay, I do not know what is being said here. Apparently I'm not alone since both Dean and Sam look just as confused as me. I never expected this kind of sentence to come out of Castiel's mouth.

7. "I don't understand that reference."


If you ever need a sentence to describe Castiel, then this is it. He gets confused about everything since being a human is a lot different than living in heaven.

8. "We should play twister."


Every now and then, something random and out of context will come out of Castiel's mouth. This is one of those things. They were in the middle of a case and he decided to mention playing twister.