A Case For Color In Your Salad

A Case For Color In Your Salad

Step aside Crayola, nature has better colors than you.

Growing up we are taught that most of us are born with five general senses: sight, hearing, taste, touch and smell.

Some neurologists argue that we have as many as 21. Either way, we can find common ground by acknowledging that our environment stimulates us in one way or another but sometimes, how much we let these external stimuli affect us is up to us.

Throughout the day, we can't help but be bombarded with sounds.

We don't get to pick and choose if we hear an ambulance wailing down the street or if we overhear someone hailing a cab as we walk down the sidewalk.

However, we do tend to filter what we choose to see or look at. Often, we look right through objects or people that are right in front of us because we are focused on something else or our mind has wandered somewhere else.

Lately, I've been hooked on noticing color.

Just like with our ears and sounds, I can't help but for my eyes to become bombarded with the presence of color that surrounds me at any given moment.

Whether the moment is when I lay eyes on a meal I just ordered or when I catch a side glimpse of the bouquet of flowers that appear next to the fruit section at the local Trader Joes, I find it amazing how nature provides us with the most expansive color palette we could ever imagine.

One of my favorite places to find the presence of rich color is in salads.

Bizarre? Yes. Nonsensical? No.

And here's why...

I find that there's something intoxicating about the brilliant, balloon-bursting symphony of colors that a fresh, backyard-garden-born salad holds. The way the fire engine gleam of the taut, plump, cherry tomatoes shines even under the dullest of lights.

Then there's the matted, fibrous way the barbie-lipstick pink of a watermelon radish looks as it is seen speckled like a bleeding watercolor until it reaches the outer cilantro-hued edge of the crisp and peppery vegetable.

The waxy-looking exterior of the rich, leafy green kale could pass as an imposter it looks so perfect. The kale embodies the remarkable way that things of nature can be so perfectly symmetrical and precise.

It's too picturesque to eat. The glistening, bursting-with-juice-at-the-seams, prune-purple beefsteak tomato begins to sweat, pouring out the balanced acidic flavor with each melting piece of flaky, gritty sea salt that the chef has sprinkled onto the fruit.

Like the essence of a sunset, the colors within this salad are so bright and bountiful that you find yourself attempting, through some sort of osmosis, to take in all the energy and excitement of the colors while you think that nature, in fact, has provided more excitement within the colorful bowl in front of you than any 100 count Crayola pack ever could.

Perhaps if you're like me, your excitement even exceeds that of the Crayola pack with the built-in sharpener.

The visual intensity of this salad is almost intrusive in a way because when you look at such a "normal" thing (such as a salad) with a certain lens of fascination and amazement, your senses become all at once stimulated and awakened.

And as you take the first bite of this electrifying meal, your taste buds begin to experience this dance of color all over again, yet in an entirely new way.

Salads don't have to be boring and neither do you. Challenge yourself to consciously and purposefully take notice of what surrounds you.

Cover Image Credit: Sophia Winter

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Cover Image Credit: Instagram

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8 Things That I Will Always Miss From My Childhood

Ahhh, the good old days!


Okay, yes, I love being an adult. I can drive myself places, buy and pick out my own clothes, and basically do whatever I want. I can make my own food and eat whenever I want. And the best part is: I don't have a bedtime!

However, there are always things that I miss about my childhood.

Your Parents Buying Your Food.

Tacos With Lime · Free Stock Photo


On Fridays, my mom used to take me to McDonalds or Wendy's, or whatever fast food place I wanted to go to. And obviously, she would buy my food. Then, Freshman year of College, I went to Red Lobster by myself for the first time and when I got the bill for my food, I was shocked. I was like, this much? For just me? Dear god, why? And I decided never again to take myself out to eat because I did not have the income at the time to sustain that.

Disney Channel!

Pink White and Purple Light-up Disneyland Castle · Free Stock Photo


I miss the old shows like "That's So Raven" and "The Sweet Life of Zack and Cody." I lived for those shows. They were funny but focused on themes of family and friends. They were wholesome. But now all I see on TV is like, not nearly as cute or witty. I wanna go back to watching things that were funny, not watching people get killed on the news.


Assorted-flavor of Ice Creams Inside Deep Freezer · Free Stock Photo


Because we live in South Carolina, it's warm out about 8 months out of the year. Therefore, my mom and I used to go get ice cream together basically every single day. I cannot think of a day where we weren't at Baskin-robins. She always got World Class Chocolate. And we would just talk. It was such a lowkey activity but it really meant a lot to me.

The Movies.

Time-lapse Photography of Car Lights in Front of Cinema · Free Stock Photo


I've always been into action movies and from the time I was in Elementary School to now, whenever they'd make any sort of Superhero movie, my father and I would go see it together. He'd even pay the big bucks so we could see it in 3D. And we'd have a little father/daughter bonding time. We'd share a popcorn and some laughs, but I always got my own large soda!

Batting Cages.

Green Ball on Sand · Free Stock Photo


I think it was middle school softball when my dad stopped pitching to me and started taking me to a batting cage. The first time I ever went, I was really afraid and I did terrible because I thought the balls were coming too fast. But, as with most things, the more you do them the better you get. So, I was becoming a better hitter and I got to spend Saturday mornings with my favorite man. Besides, sometimes it'd be funny when he'd put my helmet on and try to hit from the pitching machine as well.

Christmas Parade!

Man in Santa Claus Costume · Free Stock Photo


Whether or not all of you know this, I hate my hometown. But the only good thing we have is our Christmas parade. When I was in high school, I had to be in it because all three high school marching bands were in it. So, that wasn't fun. What was fun was being a little kid and seeing the marching bands, dance companies, bands, pageant winners, sororities, real estate agents and Santa himself. Plus, we ALWAYS got hot chocolate either during or after the parade, except those years where it was 70 degrees.


Person Grilling Meats · Free Stock Photo


Okay, so my dad actually makes me the best ribs in the entire world. Like I swear they could win a prize. And he also makes chicken, burgers and hot dogs. Sometimes he even grills salmon. And I miss being at home for that sometimes because he'd ask me to mix his barbecue sauce for him or form the burger patties. He even designated me the "official taste tester."

Going to Grandma's!

Photography of Fruits · Free Stock Photo


Every Friday, usually after the fast food, sometimes before, my mom and I used to go to her parent's house and sit with them and talk to them. But my grandpa died when I was 8, so then it was my grandma. But we'd still go talk to her and watch TV with her. She grows tomatoes, so sometimes she'd give us those. She always had some sort of candy for us. Plus, she's the kindest person on earth, so you love being around her. In high school, I started having to go to football games every Friday and having practices, so it got harder to come by. But now, when I get the chance I try to go see her.

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