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14 Items All Girls Carry In Their Purse When They Are Headed Out To The Bar

We are armed, and we are ready.

14 Items All Girls Carry In Their Purse When They Are Headed Out To The Bar

College. An academic institution where I pay an abhorrent amount of money in order to know how to properly use the word "abhorrent."

One of the finer parts of the collegiate experience is not the 8 a.m. classes nor is it the late nights frantically studying for an exam. Nay, the best part is the weekend frivolities that get us hard-working young adults through the school week that many would deem an essential part of college.

Personally, I've gone through my college years with a "Saturday's are for the naps" mentality. However, I am indeed in college, so I occasionally get down and boogie on the weekends, though I usually volunteer to be the Designated Driver.

Being the DD is a hefty job, if taken seriously. Not only do you have to drive, but you also have to keep track of your ducklings while being prepared for any and all unfortunate events that could happen during a night on the town. I've become quite the ninja at packing my purse with such necessities.

1. Chapstick


Chapstick is a person's best friend, no question about that. Chapped lips is not the way to go when you're enjoying a nighttime kiss with bae or drinking that vodka cranberry or breathing.

I shudder to think of doing the above with a split lip.

2. Swiss Army Knife


Okay, I know you're thinking, "Yo, this girl is preparing for a fight. Perchance it's one in a dark alley at midnight?" However, you never know when you'll need a screwdriver or a pair pf pliers. I'm simply being prepared.

It's only a coincidence if I end up with you in a dark alley at midnight.

3. Hand sanitizer


This seems like a basic one and is incredibly useful in many situations. What if the bar bathroom runs out of soap? What if you put your hand in an unknown, sticky substance? What if someone sneezes on you?

No plagues on my watch.

4. Tissues


Tissues are great for mopping up sweat, blood, AND tears. However your night's going, tissues have your back.

5. Gum


Gum is a great way to get that weird sugary, alcoholic taste out of your mouth, or you can play with it a la Cher from "Clueless." I'm not going to judge you whatever way.

Also, have you seen the Icebreakers ads? Gum is a great opener to a flirtatious exchange, especially if the desired individual looks quite disgusted at whatever they just ate/drank.

6. Extra makeup/makeup remover


Makeup is a volatile facade that can be ruined at any moment. Having spare makeup ensures that your makeup stays fly through all the possible mishaps.

Additionally, reapplying makeup is a perfect excuse for a quick bathroom meeting between friends. Nothing says gossip like liquid eyeliner.

7. Carabiner

These aren't just for mountain climbing, folks. I attach one to my wallet and then stick my wallet in my jeans pocket. This way my whole entire identity can't be stolen if I choose not to take my entire purse with me.

I use this when I go to concerts, so I don't have to keep track of a hefty bag whilst I'm enjoying my favorite band.

8. Cash


Now, I know that, as college students, we don't have a ton of cash just lying around. However, carrying around $20 can be beneficial when going out just in case you and your crew goes somewhere that doesn't take cards.

You don't want to be the odd noodle out just because you forgot your dead president portrait.

9. Band-aid


One word: blisters. Nothing quite ruins a night out like bleeding heels.

10. Book


It might be odd, but I carry a book around in my purse whenever I take it out. You never know when you'll be bored and needing a good escape from reality.

You can also use it to smack people who've displeased you. It's a two-for-one deal.

11. Hair ties


Having your hair down is great and all for the beginning of the night. However, as time goes on, it's like there's a carpet on the back of your neck. That's where the hair ties come in.

Most females will travel with at least one on their wrist. In the off-chance that doesn't happen or that one breaks, I'm ready.

12. Bread


Because any time is a good time for bread.

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