I get it. Politics is messy, time-consuming, and just seems way too serious for all that life should be in your twenties. Taxes, laws, and other government-related procedures are just way too adult for someone who still feels like a teen.

But are they?

We can sit around and pretend like politics don't touch you until you're a homeowner paying property taxes and paying taxes on a much larger salary. But we should also realize that politics have been affecting you since you were born.

The political scene today is far more crucial than ever. The politics that twenty-somethings swear that they just don't care about are defining what justice means, deciding who has possession of a gun, and declaring the future of our climate. All of these things (and more) will last longer than this presidential term, longer than the next decade, and potentially longer than our lives.

If you're 20 and have time to be passionate about your beliefs and explore them and STILL find a way to say you don't care about politics you need to reevaluate.

At this point, I think you should be finding your footing in the political world, not shrugging it off because you're too cool to deal. Politics is everywhere in your life and if you don't care you're just ignoring the truth.

This isn't about what to believe in, rather than you should believe in something. Once you're into politics, you'll realize that everyone has their preferences and affiliations, but getting involved is what matters. When you're in your twenties it doesn't matter what side of the aisle you're on but that you have a seat in the room.

When you have the time to find your passion AND make a difference in the world you will be living in, seize it. And I can promise you that you can do this through politics, no matter how messy they may be.