Whether they have problems from their home life, family life, or with a significant other, they are broken.

Whether they want to be OK as soon as possible or they don't see a way out, they are broken.

Whether they can handle themselves or they can't, they are broken.

These broken pieces that make up their interior or exterior of their well being haunt them each and every day.

There is no time limit on these broken pieces. There is no clock that will tell us when these pieces will fit in the puzzle again. There is no certainty.

When you come across broken people, you may have a feeling in your gut that YOU can fix everything. You may realize no one else has been successful in fixing them, so you like to chase them. There are times when you may get discouraged, but you keep trying. Minute by minute you try to fix these broken pieces.

When you get inside the shell of a broken person, you feel special.

You feel like you unlocked a code to all the hidden treasures inside them. They may show you a side of them no one else has seen before. You try to pull out all the good in them and fix the pieces that are missing. Unfortunately, these changes are most likely temporary for them.

When you brighten the smile on their face, you accomplished a huge goal for them. You made them smile, laugh, and escape the emptiness for this short amount of time. They are thankful and grateful for you, they are astonished by your hard work. You are impressive to them.

Loving a broken person is like loving a rollercoaster of emotions.

There are many high points and many low points. It is unpredictable each and every day. It is exciting. It is different. It is unpredictable. But all the more, you crave this feeling.

Everyone in life has been broken at some point, but some can overcome the feelings quicker than others. When trying to save a broken person, you see the pain you once had. You see how strong you were to get yourself through it. So, you think you can do the same for them.

Well, you can't save them. Yes, you can help them out and provide guidance. But, you can't save them.

As sad and frustrating as it is, the empty pieces of the puzzle need to be fixed from themselves. They need to recognize the brokenness and strive to fix it. Depending on their situation, they may even need professional help.

One thing you can take with you along your journey is that you had enough love and care in your heart to help them.

Whether you can fix everything or not, YOU saw potential in them that no one else saw.

Some people may be broken time and time again throughout this long lifespan, but they will eventually learn how to overcome it. And if they don't, please realize, you cannot save broken people.

Thank you for trying.