Maybe you think astrology is stupid or pseudoscience and articles like these make you roll your eyes and keep scrolling to avoid nonsensical ramblings from yet another person who thinks that you being a Scorpio means anything of substance, but in my mind, astrology is a lot of fun and can really help us understand who we are and how we process the world around us, even if it doesn't have any basis in science. I view it almost as a psychological technique we use to make sense of who we are (which seems to be why younger people trying to figure themselves out love astrology so much).

So I make this article because I see a value in recognizing the seasons of each zodiac. Last season was Gemini season, and for many it was a sign that gave people permission to have some fun and go a little crazy (in a good way) in true Gemini spirit. It makes sense, but now that we've moved into July, things are getting way more emotional. And that is a good thing that we need to be embracing!

I like to take the seasons of each sign as time for me to focus on different aspects of myself that I may have been neglecting. With cancer season upon us, I've been focusing on my emotional health as much as possible, taking care of buried emotions and giving myself permission to feel things without being ashamed. The very act of telling yourself, "it's okay to cry sometimes!" actually does help out a bit when you force yourself to stop hiding things even from yourself.

Of course, letting your emotions fly is more than being in touch with your sad emotions. Cancer season isn't all about "being a cry baby" - which isn't a bad thing anyway - but it also means letting out your romantic, idealistic side, too. That is one of my favorite parts about cancer season.

Because feelings are more than just your basic emotions. They also represent how you feel about life, love, and the people around you, and cancer season definitely, without a doubt is all about feeling the love. Perhaps as you enter July it means letting someone into your life and exploring your romantic side - going on dates, figuring out what you want out of romance, etc... But it could also represent you exploring a better relationship with yourself. We neglect ourselves so often and don't love ourselves as much as we should, and if we're going to dive into this idealistic part of ourselves during this time of year, we should put part of that energy into loving and accepting ourselves and being okay with our feelings in all aspects of life.

It can be a tiring time, cancer season, especially if you're someone who spends a lot of time bottling things up and not allowing yourself to go out and be free with your emotions, but it will be worth it to find that freedom and express your feelings right away rather than to hide them in embarrassment or shame. Look to the cancers in your life and take note - you could benefit from being in touch with those feelings.