Throughout many homes in the world, Disney films were (and still are) a staple for the DVD shelf. Most people can proudly say they have seen at least a few Disney films throughout their lifetime, but can you guess what movie is being told through a vague description?

1. Glum insurance representative beats up former admirer.

2. Helicopter Mom makes kidnapped daughter afraid of everything but ends up turning into dust when daughter gets a new haircut.

3. A young aristocrat causes millions in property damage after the death of her parents. 

4. Kid comes out of a closet.

5. Confused lady crawls out of a sewer.

6. Girl who forgets things helps find friends son.

7. A guy kisses a dead girl in the forest while midgets watch.

8. Prince turns into a sarcastic llama. 

9. Humans destroy earth and become fat.

10. Hamlet with big cats.

11. Rat defies all food and safety regulations to cook.

12. Ginger fish falls in love with man.

13. Pirates vs. kids. Pirates lose.

14. An elephant defies the laws of gravity.

15. Fashionista is denied a fabulous new coat.

16. China unleashes the hidden power of feminism.

17. Orphaned sisters foster illegal alien.

18. Greek mythology, the movie.

19. A toy cowboy tries to murder a space ranger for the attention of a boy.

20. Woman falls in love with a very hairy man.


1. The Incredibles

2. Rapunzel

3. Frozen

4. Monsters Inc.

5. Enchanted

6. Finding Nemo

7. Snow White

8. Emperor's New Groove


10. Lion King

11. Ratatouille

12. Little Mermaid

13. Peter Pan

14. Dumbo

15. 101 Dalmatians

16. Mulan

17. Lilo and Stitch

18. Hercules

19. Toy Story

20. Beauty and the Beast