My fellow singles, I used to be the type of girl that needed to have a valentine on Valentine's Day. Not wanted, but absolutely needed. I was single throughout most of my younger days, so having the affection of a valentine always seemed ideal. Then, I realized suck, and puppies are much better than them, tbh.

So, if you're like me and are single on Valentine's Day this year, here are 12 puppies to help you cope with (and maybe forget about) that.

1. This puppy, who's basically the next Bachelor.

I will accept this rose.

2. This tiny lad, who might eat your candy.

It's okay, he's too cute to stay mad at.

3. This pup, who will play scrabble with you 'til the sun comes up.

Triple points for cuteness.

4. This little guy, who's handsomer than half the guys you've dated probably.

And you make my heart melt.

5. This little potato, who wants to be your baby.

Look at those lil' paw pads.

6. This fluff ball, whose head looks like a heart.

And his heart is probably as big as his head.

7. This woofer, who "woofs you."

Be still my beating heart.

8. This babe, who wants to show you his new friend.

If you're lucky, he might let you hold him.

9. These pugs, who are the epitome of #couplegoals.


10.  This baby, who went all out for you.

Rose petals, bow tie, and all.

11. This chihuahua, who's basically Picasso.

He's definitely stolen my heart.

12. And finally, this cutie, who just wants to snuggle you.

Nothing like a good all- night cuddle session.