I Asked 36 Illini Which Campus Coffee Shop They Preferred And Here's What I Found
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I Asked 36 Illini Which Campus Coffee Shop They Preferred And Here's What I Found

Surprisingly, "price" isn't the number one factor when it comes to choosing a coffee spot!


It's no surprise most college kids love coffee. Sometimes I think some college students have caffeine in their veins.

We're up at all hours of the day. Let's be real, last night I was coding for my computer science class at 1 a.m. and then perked up and put a full face of makeup on by 8 a.m. for my Good Morning Illini TV News class.

I love coffee, I don't need it every day to function (and I'd like to keep it that way in order to save my wallet) but when the mid-afternoon slump hits, all I want is an iced Starbucks caramel macchiato with oat milk… or a cinnamon dulce latte when it's below zero.

I can never choose a favorite of something. I always choose "top three favorite" things. When it comes to coffee shops on campus, I like Espresso Royale, Starbucks and Dunkin (they have the best app deals!) but I wanted to see where my college friends like to "caffeinate" on campus.

Here's what I learned from the 36 people who filled out my survey:

Overall favorite coffee shop: Espresso Royale!

Amanda with coffee

Amanda Brennan

Other top favorites: Starbucks, Cafe Bene, Cafe Paradiso

Top reason for it being a favorite: "The coffee is good!"


Amanda Brennan

Other top favorite reasons: the atmosphere and good study spaces.

This surprised me! I thought price would be the number one factor for college students

Would you rather...buy coffee or make it at home?

Starbucks coffee

Amanda Brennan

Nearly 64% said "buy it" while 36% said "make it at home or in the dining hall"

The most important question...hot or iced?


Amanda Brennan

80.6% said iced, 19.4% said hot. Me personally? Iced. But when it hits 20ish degrees or below, I have to go with hot. I can't walk around campus with a cold drink in my already frozen hand.

Also, side note, in the picture, this was our last day on campus before COVID hit. We were about to drive home unsure of what the rest of the school year had in store. Little did we know...

What's your favorite coffee shop? Why? How do you like your coffee? So many options and places to choose from in the Champaign-Urbana area!

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