7 Things That Should Have Happened At The Met Gala

From the day Anna Wintour announced the theme "Camp" for the Met Gala. I was ready to be delivered a feast of excess and gaud; every celebrity would let down their guard and embrace the outrageous eccentricity that is CAMP. I wanted to be done with fashion for a year because of how abundant the looks were that were being served. To say the least, I went to sleep on Monday night hungry for more. Now a disclaimer: this is not me saying that every look was god awful and no one delivered a themed look that fed me, I just wish there was more. I thought Lady Gaga's performance proved her to be the camp queen that she is and has been for this decade (there is nothing more camp than a meat dress).

Lady Gaga Met Gala 2019 Transformation www.youtube.com

Her attention to the performance aspect of camp shows how much she truly cares about this event and just showed how fun fashion truly is. I feel that her energy was the perfect start to the Met Gala but also raised my expectations for the rest of the guests arriving. So now that I've explained where my expectations sat, I present you with this:

1. More theatrical performances.

Lady Gaga truly looked like she was having fun with her performance as did Zendaya. Sadly, these were the only examples of theatricality at this entire event. I wanted more shows. Using fashion as a medium for performance is soooooo camp and it just didn't happen nearly as much as I wish it did.

2. More letting loose.

Camp isn't uptight. Still, I felt that people took the clout of the event to their heads and forgot what Camp is all about. CAMP IS FUN! NOT ENOUGH PEOPLE WERE HAVING FUN! Especially the men. Put all the men in dresses :) More Camp, please.

3. More "ugly" dresses.

I know this sounds insane, but honestly kind of wish there were more "ugly" things at this event. I didn't just want to be full from The Met Gala 2019, I wanted to be nauseous. I wanted to be able to say "Well that was a lot. I'm good for the year." I'm not saying ugly in a bad way. I mean "ugly" beautiful. I was just searching for more interesting silhouettes, print clashing, and weird colors. Something interesting and "ugly".

4. Ruffled collars.


I was surprised to see NONE OF THESE. There's nothing more to even say. This could have happened and it didn't. I'm disappointed. What about a whole dress that was just a ruffled collar on Harry Styles? That would be camp.

5. More men in dresses.

I am so over men wearing suits for these events, especially when they wear boring suits. But, it is unforgivable when they wear boring suits to the 2019 Met Gala when the theme is Camp. Camp is all about bending gender norms and I did not see enough men in dresses at this event. Shoutout to Jared Leto, but to the men who wore boring suits, do better.

6. Fashion inspired by animals.


When I think camp, I automatically think of Bjork in the swan dress. I wish I saw more dresses inspired by animals. I'm not talking animal prints, but just embodying an animal. More people on all fours, more people growling and clawing at paparazzi. Just kidding, but something animal related would have been cute.

7. Egg.


I'm sorry, but I imagined in my head an egg dress at this event. A sunny side up style egg dripping in diamonds. Imagine the opulence! Even better a performance where someone entered the event in an egg-shaped cocoon type case and revealed themselves by cracking and revealing this egg look. It would have fed me... and it sadly doesn't exist.

Final Verdict: I was not fed and I'm still hungry.

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