I love camping, the smell of the outdoors, the sound of birds outside my tent and being secluded from the world. Camping is how I detach from the stress of my daily life and relax. I enjoy camping alone the most because I can be alone with myself and be able to enjoy the peace.

When I camp alone I bring books and get the chance to catch up on one of my favorite hobbies, reading. I also get to spend time thinking about my studies and goals in life. Honestly, I just enjoy sitting in the quiet most times.

I can also hike where I want and however far I want. I don't have to consider other people's abilities or what they want to do. I like being able to do what I want when I want. There is also something very relaxing about being in nature alone with yourself. It gives me time to think and reflect.

The other best thing about camping alone is being able to go to sleep early and sleep in. I don't have a campfire surrounded by people who want to party it's just me and my book. I love reading next to the fire until I'm too tired and then just going to sleep.

Taking my hammock is also a great time. I have taken a lot of naps in my hammock outside. I always wake up refreshed after snoozing in my hammock.

Overall, camping solo is my favorite way to recharge and relax when I'm stressed out. It gives me a chance to step back from the world when I'm stressed. It has given me the tools to think about problems I may be having and ways I can solve them without the stress of having a million other things going on. If you are a camper but haven't gone alone I suggest taking a solo trip to enjoy nature and relax.