I Am Calling You Out 'Society'
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I Am Calling You Out 'Society'

You crept slowly into the minds of us as we grew and now you have infected us with your never ending virus of closed mindedness.

I Am Calling You Out 'Society'
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For years you have stigmatized, silenced, and castrated creative ingenuity, aspirations, and desires. You have taught generations of people that they fit nicely into little boxes of stereotypes. But, I am here to tell you that you are wrong, and that you have been wrong for decades. So, I am calling you out “Society”.

“Society”, you have mutilated, beaten down, and tarnished everything good that is left in this world. You crept slowly into the minds of us as we grew and now you have infected us with your never ending virus of closed mindedness. You have somehow managed to persuade the one nation that stood for diversity and unification, that the diversity they created is now a weapon to use. You have told them that whatever their race is, they are somehow superior to another. You have started wars and waged them on battlefields, and news outlets, and even dinner tables. You have been ruthless in your pursuit to destroy the fabric of common decency within people, which, is now, a dwindling thread. You have looked at school classrooms and said that just because they do not bring in as much money as another school that somehow those children’s brains don’t work the same? You have caused politicians to get up in front of our nation and lie straight through their teeth because the political arena you have built looks like the Colosseum in 80 AD. You, “Society”, have made the truth seem far fetched and the lie reasonable to believe. You have tried to tell us that just because someone’s brain does not work the same as ours that they are lesser.Yet, Albert Einstein, who had a learning disability that made it difficult for him to do math throughout his schooling, later went on to become a world renowned mathematician and physicist. Temple Grandin has autism but yet she went on to revolutionize the livestock industry with her unique insight and understanding of things your “normal” mind could not see.

That is your problem “Society” you accuse blindly. You hate easily. You judge harshly and you ridicule ignorantly. Maybe that is what you truly are… You are ignorant. You do not know what or who you hurt. You do not look at individual people, rather you group similar looking or sounding people together and you assume they all think and act the same. I would be interested to see if you actually took off your telescope view of the world and started looking though a microscope instead -- really looking at the individual rather than the group -- what you might learn. We have given you the power for too long. I myself have let you dictate my thoughts and sway my assumptions. But, I am here to tell you “no more”.

I am done with your control. I am done with your hate. I am done with your ignorance. I am done with your stereotypes. I am done seeing the world through your colored lenses of skin color. I am done letting you voice over my news reporters with your drama and your useless information. I am done letting you tell me the person standing next to me is lesser than me for whatever superficial reason you have given me. I am done watching you destroy a nation I love so that you may take control. I am done with your “social norming” and your “group dissonance”. I am done standing idly by as things around me happen at the wave of your hands. I am done being a victim of what you have created yourself to be.

So, I am calling you out “Society”, and I am demanding you to give me back the nation that I love. No longer will I look through your telescope of lies and deceit. From now on, I am a microscopic scientist, looking at the soul of each individual person that I meet.

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