A Call From The Ancestors To African People Everywhere—Come Home
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A Call From The Ancestors To African People Everywhere: Come Home, Please

2019 marks the anniversary of 400 Years of slavery and oppression, It is time to re-write OUR history!

A Call From The Ancestors To African People Everywhere: Come Home, Please

In the two decades that I have been on this planet, I cannot recall a time more inspiring and motivating than now for the African-American community! With 2019 being only three months away many of us are looking at the new year ahead with an open- mind to all possibilities. Not only does next year mark 400 years of slavery and oppression, but also, thanks to Ghanaian president Nana Akufo-Addo, African-Americans are being allowed to return to the continent with open arms from our African brothers and sisters!

Our journey to reunite with our culture and family back on the African continent has never been delayed by force! Many African leaders have made attempts to initiate our reemergence into African culture and society, but you can't move a people who are not ready to go.

This is a recognized movement known as the Back to Africa movement or After Slave act, initiated by Jamaican Political Leader, Marcus Garvey and supported by prominent figures like Prophet Elijah Muhammad of the Nation of Islam. Many believe that we live in a different time now where both Africans and African-Americans can recognize the importance of establishing and building a relationship outside of our communities. I think we can all say it it's time for an African reunion!

Check out the announcement below from the Ghanaian president here.

"Come Home, Please"

I don't know about YOU, but when I came across this video for the first time my heart almost exploded with love. As an African-American Woman I have never felt more welcomed or accepted ANYWHERE, and to be recognized as a people with a past and not just an outcast group of Americans speaks even more to the openness of Ghana's heart to the African people of this country.

We did not come here by choice and we have yet to be appreciated for all that we have contributed to the growth and profession of American culture. If not NOW, then WHEN? Sometimes I question the comfort of African-American people in a society that allows people like Donald Trump and Brett Kavanaugh to hold positions of leadership that gravely affect us!

Or why we, African- Americans, assume that we don't have the competence or courage to lead this country? How we celebrate heroes who fought for the rights we have today, just to no participate in elections or decisions on the wellbeing of our people WHATSOEVER! Is it that we don't want the best for the country that we helped build or ourselves?

Ghana is not calling African-Americans home because we are thriving in our greatest glory here in Amerikkka. It is obvious that we are not wanted, that we cannot find the love within our larger culture to make us feel valued and validated within ourselves. We should have never expected "Whiteness" to elevate OR liberate the mind of the African-American from the cruel restraints of slavery. We cannot rely on a "white" solution to an African problem, as mentioned by African Pioneer, John Henrik Clarke, in his speech "You Have No Friends".

What If...

Since my discovery of this opportunity for ALL African-Americans; not only in the United States but also residing within Central and South America, I have made a point of challenging every African-American I encounter...What will you do? Would you go?

Some may separate reality from fantasy and make a point of explaining why the transition from America to a developing country like Ghana may be difficult or near impossible or point to the obvious difference in wages and how much harder it may be to live on a Ghanaian salary than an American one. Though both points may be valid to many, they are not the ruling truth for all of us. Many of us may see this as the opportunity we have all been waiting for, maybe this is exactly what you never knew you needed...to GET OUT!

I stand with many prominent African-American leaders of our past when I say that we should have never tried to assimilate into a culture that dehumanized, degraded and exploited us as a people and a culture. The relationship that we share with are European-American counterparts is that of master and slave, and we are all aware of how consistent this dynamic has been with or without the "emancipation". This is not to say that we can never be friends or family as one people, but sometimes you have to give people space to show them exactly what they never knew they had, what they could never appreciate without first being deprived of.


I see a future of unity and wholeness for all the people of this beautiful planet we call Mother Earth. We have a history that has restricted us from appreciating each other or building lasting alliances that have a mutual benefit in the growth of our individual cultures and societies. When we can stop allowing our differences to be the deterring factor for who should have what or for who should hold what place in society, then can we see the true value that we all hold and how invaluable we are to this country and its future.

When African-Americans return to Africa it will not be to cure Amerikkka and our wretched past, it will not be to separate ourselves from a past we will never forget; it will be to find ourselves, to restore confidence and faith in the African-American heart and to show the world that we are a people of love and community, and here hate will never thrive!

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