Call Her Daddy is Better Without Sofia Franklyn
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Call Her Daddy is Better Without Sofia Franklyn

Call Her Daddy is thriving, and it's all thanks to Father Cooper.

Call Her Daddy is Better Without Sofia Franklyn

Call Her Daddy. The podcast that every young degenerate is obsessed with. Call Her Daddy is a lot of things. It's a sex podcast of course, where you learn tips and tricks for everything from sucking dick (The Gluck Gluck 9000) to how to dress. It also is a comedy podcast. The comedy aspect coupled with the sex aspect makes for a hilarious listen every week. While many people have called out the show for being toxic, unhealthy or vulgar (which don't get me wrong, it DEFINITELY is), it's one of the best things I've ever listened to.

The podcast started in 2018 with co-hosts Alex Cooper and Sofia Franklyn, and was quickly picked up by Barstool Sports, however it's changed a lot since then.

If you were on the internet at all during quarantine, then you definitely saw the drama between Alex, Sofia, and none other than Dave Portnoy, the founder of Barstool Sports. However, if there's any way you might have missed the drama, I'll give you a quick rundown:

Essentially, Alex and Sofia wanted more money from Barstool. In their defense, they were not making a lot compared to other podcast hosts at Barstool, and they were definitely not making a lot considering the fact that they were living in New York. There was a lot of back and forth between Barstool and the CHD girls, until Barstool agreed to some of their terms. Now this was good enough for Alex, however, Sofia just wanted more and more. It turns out that Sofia's boyfriend Peter Nelson (often referred to as "Suitman"), was the one trying to get more and more money for the girls. It turned into a big clusterfuck of fighting over money, contracts, and lies.

Another big aspect was the fact that Alex did almost all of the work for the show, including marketing, finding topics, writing the scripts, editing and so much more. Sofia essentially showed up. Which made it infuriating to Alex that she just wanted more and more and more.

It put a divide between the CHD girls, which led to their inevitable separation (or as Alex calls it, "divorce"). And while many fans were scared for the future of the show, the show has continued to go on. Sofia left the show, and Alex is now the single host (or as she likes to call it "single father") of Call Her Daddy.

A lot of people miss Sofia being on the show (and to be completely honest, sometimes I do too), however, I truly think the show is much better now.

The show has kept the same central themes of sex, manipulating men, and being a bad bitch, but with a new aspec we've never seen before on the show: getting personal. SInce Sofia has left the show, Alex has opened up about many aspects of her life that have never before been mentioned on Call Her Daddy. She's talked a lot about therapy, different men she's dating, sexuality, and so much more. The show just feels a lot more genuine and is more interesting to listen to.

Not only is the show getting more personal and overall interesting, but it's also having a lot more guests. Since Sofia left, Alex has had a multitude of guests including Dave Portnoy, Olivia O'Brien, Lana Rhoades, Tana Mongeau, and even Miley Cyrus. She's doing a fantastic job getting all kinds of different guests on the show to keep it new and interesting every week.

The show has also come out with more merchandise! Some of this new merchandise (that Alex is designing herself) includes phone cases, hoodies, tube tops, sweatpants, and so much more.

There are many things you can point to as reasons that the show is better now with Alex as the single host. But I think the biggest way that you can tell the show is much better now is that it is literally thriving. Call Her Daddy as well as Alex Cooper are household names (or at least they are among college students) now. Everybody listens to it. Whether you love it or hate it, you know of it. And I believe that is majorly related to the fact that Alex has passion.

Alex is Call Her Daddy. She is the sole reason the show has done so well in the past and is still doing well. IF she wasn't then the show would have gone to shit by now. But that's not the case. The show is only getting better and better, and it's 100% because Alex doesn't have anything or anyone holding her back anymore.

She has been putting everything into this show from day one. And it's definitely paying off. The show is flourishing. Alex has been working her ass off to make the show great from the beginning, and now we can all finally see just how hard she's worked. She's been doing it all along.

And I think I speak for the entire Daddy Gang when I say we are incredibly thankful she's kept Call Her Daddy going, and that we are so excited for everything that's coming in 2021.

If for some insane reason you haven't heard of Call Her Daddy, first of all I am so sorry. Second of all, you can listen to it on Spotify or Apple Podcasts. Either way, do yourself a favor and go listen!

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