Dearest Viewers:

I am posting this from D.C., where I'm chillin till I leave for my epic fashion photography/videography internship in Milan, Italy (the world capital for fashion!) this Friday! Ahhhh! It goes from May 26th-August 5th! Wow! All summer long in Europe! Just got back from a ridiculously awesome California road trip up the coast from L.A. We stopped in Santa Barbara, San Simeon (Hearst Castle), Carmel, and, last but not least, San Francisco! 💁🏻 We went on this trip in celebration of 1. my finishing my freshman year at the University of Southern California with straight A's (!!!) 2. Mother's Day 3. living a dope lifestyle in general and following through on the expectations that come with such a bless up 😏 I hope you all enjoy my visual retelling of the unforgettable mother-daughter trip.

Looking Forward to Catching You from Milan,


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