8 Reasons Why Installing Caesarstone Quartz Surfaces In Commercial Buildings Is The Best Option
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8 Reasons Why Installing Caesarstone Quartz Surfaces In Commercial Buildings Is The Best Option

Caesarstone is premium quartz made under strict sustainable and environmental standards to meet the requirements of commercial buildings.

8 Reasons Why Installing Caesarstone Quartz Surfaces In Commercial Buildings Is The Best Option
Photo by Jason Pofahl on Unsplash

When it comes to commercial buildings, maintenance is a major concern. This is because cost and labor are involved with the maintenance of the surfaces. Therefore, choosing Caesarstone for such a space is a wise decision. This is because it's an engineered, non-porous quartz material that needs little maintenance, so the business owners don't have to worry about bacterial growth, sealing or staining.

Caesarstone quartz surfaces are made of 93 percent natural quartz aggregates, which are blended with polymer resins and pigments using high-end technology to create a non-absorbent and nonporous surface. The composition of Caesarstone is a result of a high-quality manufacturing process that provides a scratch-resistant, as well as stain-resistant, ability to this man-made stone.

Here are some important reasons why you must consider installing Caesarstone quartz in your commercial buildings.

1. Doesn't require sealants. 

Caesarstone is able to maintain its beauty without any need of sealants or waxes. Therefore, this material is maintenance-free and thus, ideal for any interior space. Furthermore, this engineered stone surface is even four times stronger and has double impact resistance compared to granite and marble surfaces.

2. Cost-effective solution

Caesarstone is renowned throughout the world for its easy installation process and simplified fabrication procedure. This makes it a cost-effective solution. Due to its extreme durability, this quartz surface can be easily installed in thinner and larger sections for reducing any joints in the surface. Since there is no need to add any joints or extra finishing materials for covering up the joints, you will further save money.

3. Requires no maintenance

Caesarstone worktops may mimic natural stones, but they require little to no maintenance. It also doesn't require any waxes or sealants to prevent its surface from scratches, stains, cracks, moulds, mildews, liquids and heat. Due to its nonporous and durable surface, you can expect it to maintain its color consistency without any extra effort.

4. Available in a wide range of options

Caesarstone provides you with a wide range of color, profile and design options. It can be installed within a wide thickness level for reducing the number of seams or weight or the surface. There are endless possibilities to install this quartz material to any interior.

It also offers you highly customizable options for smooth fabrication for effortless solutions. Unlike granite and marble, Caesarstone is available in a wide range of color options from subtle to bright hues. Moreover, this man-made stone is also designed in various natural finishes to mimic granite and marble structures. However, it doesn't bear any issues that are associated with natural stones.

5. Heat resistant

Caesarstone is highly resistant to heat. This means it can bear the impact of hot containers. However, it is recommended to use hot pads or trivets to place hot containers on its surface for extra safety.

6. Stain resistant

Caesarstone quartz is a virtually stress-free surface. There is no effect of acidic products like lemon or wine on its surface. Therefore, it is suitable for wine fermentation industries or industries that manufacture chemicals like acetone or nail polishes as you don't have to worry about staining.

7. Chemically resistant

Caesarstone surface is also resistant to chemicals like iodine and mineral spirits and hence, is suitable for commercial buildings where manufacturing of different products take place. In such industries, you can easily clean its surface with normal, nonabrasive surface cleaners.

8. Customizable 

Another major benefit of installing Caesarstone quartz in your commercial building is that it's completely customizable. You can easily get it designed for the smallest or largest area of your building without any hassle. Just ask the fabricators to get it customized as per your specifications. The fabricators will cut it in the desired dimensions, fabricate it in their workshop and bring it to your commercial space for easy installation.

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