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I Was A James Charles Fan But Now I’m Saying 'Bye Sister'

The first male covergirl has steamrolled through the beauty industry but it's definitely time for him to pump the brakes.

I Was A James Charles Fan But Now I’m Saying 'Bye Sister'

With all the drama stirring up between James Charles and Tati Westbrook, I'm sure you're aware that his career is basically over. We've all known for a while that he doesn't seem to be all he's truly cracked up to be. But after we've been able to see the inside look into how he manipulates not only fellow beauty-bloggers but his fans as well, we can officially swipe left on his career. James Charles' new video titled "No More Lies" gives us his account of the incidents Tati Westbrook detailed in her recently deleted video "Bye Sister" but it's clear that he may not be giving all the details. Jeffree Star's new video, "Never Doing This Again.", set the record straight as to what James Charles didn't get right in his video. James Charles has lost millions of subscribers only over a couple of days and both his "Sisters Apparel" line (which was manufactured by Jeffree Star's distribution brand, "Killer Merch") and numerous other deals have been canceled. And here's why you should cancel him too.

Yearbook pictures shouldn't launch a career.


The controversial photo that got him is CoverGirl contract was a catalyst for his career that led to nothing. A yearbook picture where his highlighter is snatched shouldn't have opened up the doors that it did, it only shows that he can put some sparkles on his face. It really made us realize even more that the beauty world is just a microcosm of high school.

He's a makeup artist who CAN'T APPLY MAKEUP.


Flashback Mary, Flashback Mary, Flashback Mary. This cursed photo traveled throughout the webisphere for far too long and it made it clear that Lames Charles can't even pick his own foundation shade correctly. Why would anyone follow or buy products from a makeup artist who looks like Casper's gay cousin?

Even with makeup, his offensive comments make him ugly af.


From his tweets about getting Ebola by merely traveling to Africa to his "apology" that referred to the continent as a country, his offensive behavior was the first time we really got to see James for who he truly is under his makeup… an ugly moron.

He shouldn't rely on assless chaps to keep followers. 


He strapped on his assless chaps (razor burn and all) last year at Coachella and let's be honest it's not like anyone was surprised. But then he did it again this year. Hasn't anyone ever told James Charles that repeating an outfit is worse picking the wrong foundation?

$500 for a VIP pass is basically a crime.


When he decided to go on tour, no one really cared too much honestly. But when he started charging $500 for VIP meet and greet passes people started to take notice. If he truly cared about his fans and their hard earned money he wouldn't charge up the freakin' wazoo just so you can hear him screech "HEYYY SISTERS" in person.

The Met Gala is a place for art not ametuers.


After the Met Gala everyone had the same questions, what the hell was James Charles wearing and WHY THE HELL WAS HE EVEN THERE. James used this opportunity to talk about beauty bloggers and influencers as a marginalized group of individuals (which first of all what?) and how he could *finally* be the face of their stance for "equality". LMAO. We're all still convinced Jeffree Star's invitation got sent to him by accident.

Money shouldn't buy you love, especially from a straight guy.


The most serious part of this all is that it's finally becoming clear that James Charles is a predator. He truly thinks that any guy (straight or gay) is fair game and that it's just a matter of how much money he can throw at them till they bend at the knee. Figuratively and literally. It isn't right to manipulate someone's sexuality for your own desires. He better hope that no one files charges against him for his blatant sexual assault.

He puts the "tea" in Disloyalty.


He has been on and off with nearly every other beauty blogger in the community. Drama seems to always find James Charles and we're all just here to keep sippin'. He goes through friends faster than his career fell apart and that is no one's fault but his own.

But clearly his love can be bought.


Maybe he thinks he can buy the love of straight guys because of his love his cheaper than his foundation. He shamelessly plugged the brand Sugar Bear Hair even after publicly knocking it just because they could provide him with perks at Coachella. I mean what do we expect from a guy who's whole career revolves around being as fake as possible?

 Finally, Tati Westbrook brought him into this world and she just took him out.


Remember how Cinderella's fairy godmother turned a pumpkin into a carriage? Well James' fairy godmother, Tati Westbrook, took his pumpkin and dropped it off the Empire State Building. Tati gave James a wonderful career, numerous connections, and above all love and support when he started over in LA. He needs to learn that people won't put up with his bullshit anymore.

Don't waste your time with a man who has no integrity, can't take no for an answer, and isn't even very good at his craft. Support other artists out there who are focused on their ART, not the money.

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