8 Ways To Sing And Dance Your Way To Discounted Broadway Show Tickets

8 Ways To Sing And Dance Your Way To Discounted Broadway Show Tickets

The theatre, along with all forms of art, shouldn't be a luxury. It should be accessible and experienced by all.


The theatre is a very important part of my life that I could not live without. I am very fortunate to live only an hour away from some of the best theatre in the world. The theatre, along with all forms of art, shouldn't be a luxury. It should be accessible and experienced by all. Here are my tips and tricks for seeing top-tier theatre without breaking the bank.

1. Buy your tickets through discount websites

There are plenty of websites that offer online discount codes for Broadway shows. Typically, the codes are only for specific shows, dates, and performances. My favorite websites are TheaterMania and BroadwayBox. These websites are totally legit and perfect if you prefer to plan your trip to the theatre in advance.

2. Visit the box-office

This option is definitely the best for the last minute show or if you find yourself on Broadway often. A lot of shows offer "rush" tickets, where you can purchase up to two tickets for a performance on the same day for around $40, given that the show isn't sold out. Your best chances of getting these is to arrive at the box office upon opening. If you can't swing rush tickets, buying at the box office at least saves you from ticket fees. Each show's rush policy can be found here.

3. Enter lotteries!

This is an option that is all about luck, but maybe your best option for scoring the priciest tickets at the best price (I'm talking about you, "Hamilton" and "Dear Evan Hansen"!). Before you get too excited, you aren't winning the tickets per say, but rather the chance to buy discounted tickets. Just like rush tickets, most of them run at about $40. While some lotteries are in person, meaning you must be present at the box office during the drawing, most of them are online nowadays! Most of the digital lotteries even let you enter a week's worth of drawings. Each show's lottery policy can be found here also.

4. Choose your performance wisely

It is a FACT that Saturday matinees have the highest priced tickets. If possible, try for a weeknight when tickets might be slightly less expensive.

5. Check out TKTS in Times Square

All tickets sold here are discounted anywhere from 20%-50%. Typically, larger discounts are given to the more expensive seats. Tickets are sold the day of the performance and show availability changes on a daily basis. Thanks to their app, though, you can check their availability before you even arrive. More information can be found on their website.

6. Download the TodayTix app

This is just another resource for buying discounted tickets to nearly any show. They often run promotions for fee-less tickets. The best part is, someone from the company in official TodayTix attire will meet you outside the theatre prior to the performance to hand deliver your tickets.

7. Join HipTix

HipTix is a free membership that allows 18-35-year-olds $25 tickets to all Roundabout Theatre Company Productions. Keep an eye out far in advance to ensure you don't get shut out!

8. Be realistic

Unfortunately, none of the previous tips will guarantee you cheap tickets to hottest shows on Broadway at the moment (i.e. "Hamilton," "Dear Evan Hansen," "The Book of Mormon," "Wicked"). But that doesn't mean that there aren't plenty of other incredible shows worth seeing at an affordable price! Don't feel as if you're settling if you score tickets to a different awesome show, you can't go wrong with any Broadway show.

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Ariana May Be Bigger Than The Beatles, Hard As It Is To Believe

55 years later and Ariana has taken No. 1, 2, & 3 on Billboards Hot 100 Chart.


Ariana Grande has simultaneously claimed the top 3 spots on the Billboard Hot 100 Chart. This feat hasn't been achieved since the Beatles did it 55 years ago. All three of these songs are from her most recent album, "Thank U, Next." Her No. 1 song is currently "7 Rings," which has been in this spot for 4 weeks now. This song was truly inspiring to a lot of fans, including myself. No. 2 is one of her newest songs, "Break Up With Your Girlfriend I'm Bored." There has been a lot of controversy regarding this song, but it has still found its way to the top. Finally, taking lucky number 3 is her song "Thank U, Next," which moved from No. 7 to No. 3 and has been a leading song on the Billboard Hot 100 chart for 7 weeks now. Ariana's hit song "Thank U, Next" has been an all-time favorite for most Arianators since it first came out in early November. I personally could not be more inspired to see the Queen herself take the top 3 spots.

The last time this happened was in 1964 when the Beatles lead with their top 5 hits: "Can't Buy Me Love," "Twist and Shout," "She Loves You," "I Want to Hold Your Hand", and "Please Please Me."

While the Beatles may have been hot stuff 55 years ago, Ariana definitely has them beat in this day in age.

After this major outbreak, Ariana's career has hit an all-time high in less than 24 hours. Her music video views have increased tremendously and so have her followers. However, Ariana's songs are still competing against the song "Without Me" by Halsey, which has been on the Billboard Top 100 List for 19 weeks now and was No. 1 for 3 weeks. Right behind "Without Me" is "Sunflower" by Post Malone, which has been on the list for 17 weeks and was also the No. 1 spot for a couple of weeks. With just these two songs, Ariana has a lot of competition and the pressure to keep the top 3 spots is going to be very important for her if she wants to continue going forward with her career.

Does Ariana deserve the record she just broke, taking the spot from the famed Beatles? Is her music truly worthy of being compared to legends like Michael Jackson? Some seem to think so, while others argue that her fame is helped along by today's social media influence.

While Ariana creates outstanding music, not everyone is a fan. However, because of today's social media influences, these people are now exposed to her music even more. From Instagram to Twitter, Ariana's music is posted everywhere by all of the Arianators in the world. Even people who have no idea who she is or what her songs are called listen to her simply because she's 'popular' and nowadays popularity plays a huge role in what people think they like versus what they actually like. Yes, I love Ariana Grande's songs simply because I enjoy them, but this isn't the case for all of her 'fans.'

Now there is only one question that remains, "Has Ariana's career hit its peak or will she be able to uphold this title and stay in the top 3?"

1. "7 Rings" by Ariana Grande

"7 Rings" has been the leading song for 4 weeks now. It is indeed a jam.

2. "Break Up With Your Girlfriend, I'm Bored" by Ariana Grande

"Break Up With Your Girlfriend, I'm Bored" is now ranked the No. 2 song. Some love this song while others argue that it sends the wrong message, especially to her younger fans.

3. "Thank You, Next" by Ariana Grande

"Thank You, Next" moved from No. 7 to No. 3 and spent 7 weeks as the No. 1 spot when it was first released in November. It's views on YouTube continue to climb while many praise her for her unique and creative approach.

In conclusion, all hail the Queen herself.

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'Dear Evan Hansen' Unfortunately Fell Short Of Its Tony Award-Winning Hype

I could not stand the plot because I found it absolutely disgusting some characters were profiting off of the death of Connor for such selfish reasons.


SPOILER WARNING: This article contains spoilers for "Dear Evan Hanson"

You've probably all heard it before, right? In the summer, every time you opened the radio, the lively commercial telling you to watch the Broadway hit "Dear Evan Hansen" repetitively blasted. However, as you kept hearing it and finally looked it up on Youtube, this ultimately started your obsession, especially if you are as much of a Broadway show fan as myself.

However, when you finally got to the theatre, and you began to watch the show, you frustratingly realized the soundtrack that you have been listening to played in the wrong order than how you expected. Because of this, the events unfolded in the musical becomes a little more confusing, mixed up, and not as heartwarming as you expected.

The very premise of "Dear Evan Hansen" is that a very introverted boy — Evan Hansen — strives to make friends and get attention from his classmates and peers. As a nobody, Evan feels utterly invisible and wants to impress a girl he has had a massive crush on for years. Because of his introversion and social anxiety, he attends therapy regularly.

One day, as a therapy exercise, Evan is asked to boost his confidence by writing a letter to himself starting with "Dear Evan Hansen" about what great things that he expects to happen that day. However, due to an unfortunate course of events, the high school basketcase, Connor, commits suicide. Evan's letter addressed to himself is found amongst Connor's belongings and mistaken as Connor's suicide letter. This spurs the school, Connor's family, and the town to believe Evan and Connor were best friends. Riding off of this attention and feeling of acceptance, Evan perpetuates this lie until it gets blown out of proportion.

From the get-go, when only listening to the songs, it seemed that Evan had a very close friend named Jared. Thus, when I watched the musical, I expected to see a close friendship and the reassuring hope that even as an introvert, one can find someone who really cares about him/her.

However, in actuality, it turns out that Jared was only a "family friend" that did not want to be seen with Evan and thought Evan was a loser. In addition, he only wanted to monetarily profit off of Connor's death.

And, the most frustrating part was at the end, when the truth becomes revealed, Jared insists that he was Evan's friend all along and becomes hurt that Evan does not feel the same. At that moment, I became so frustrated.

If you establish at the beginning that you think that Evan is a loser, are only helping him for monetary gains, shut him out as a friend by insisting you are only "family friends," and not help Evan when things get blown out of proportion, what gives you the right to be "butt-hurt" because you've been SUCH an amazing friend to Evan. Get over yourself, Jared.

Another reason I could not stand the plot was that I found it absolutely disgusting some characters were profiting off of the death of Connor for such selfish reasons. One of the characters, Alana, did not personally know Connor but exploited his death to become a Club President and ran a blog in remembrance of Connor. She establishes her motivation is to write something extra on her resume for college.

However, when she wanted more "juicy" content to increase viewership for the blog, she publishes Connor's "fake" suicide letter or Evan's letter he wrote for the therapy exercise online without the consent of Connor's grieving family. This causes outrage and social criticism directed to the family. Nevertheless, she justifies her actions by explaining she doesn't want people to forget Connor because she understands what it is like to be forgotten. However, if she was REALLY creating a memorial for Connor, she would respect the family and maintain their privacy and do it solely to help the family instead of a fancy title for a college resume.

In addition, she was so focused on making everyone feel remembered, why didn't she make friends with Evan, who suffered from social anxiety and depression, before he was even noticed by this whole incident. In actuality, it really felt like she didn't care and was just trying to justify her terrible actions. Her actions were so ingenuine, selfish, and unempathetic that it was absolutely sickening.

Ultimately, expecting a heartwarming ending with the realization that everyone should not be forgotten and that introversion will not and cannot stop one from having a wonderful life, I was thoroughly disappointed and upset. When the truth becomes revealed to Connor's family that Connor's suicide letter was actually Evan's letter for a therapy exercise and that Connor and Evan were not best friends, all hell breaks loose. Yet, Connor's family ultimately still keeps Evan's secret. Nevertheless, Evan loses the love of his life, all his friends, and self-respect. For the terrible mistake that he makes, he spends his life repenting. And, in the end, he still alone and introverted.

What this musical ultimately said to me was: The introvert will always remain alone, people are selfish and disgusting, and the truth causes you to lose the girl.

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