When you think of "brilliant business," what or who do you think of? Elon Musk? Jeff Bezos? Steve Jobs? Those may be our first responses of course, but lately, I have been thinking about Kris Jenner. It is kind of crazy and also ridiculous how a family got so famous off of one leaked video and the people they chose to date. It is also insane how Kendall Jenner was the highest paid model.

What are they doing that is so right and what are we doing that is so wrong? I did some friendly research and background checking just to get the scoop on what is happening in the Kardashian/Jenner world. Here are your five savvy business tips/ideas from the mother I want to be one day, Kris Jenner.

1. She took advantage of what was given to her.

So, when Kris and formerly known as "Bruce" were married, Kris became his publicist so she was not new to this business. After Kim's sex tape scandal, Kris used it to make billions. She created Keeping Up With The Kardashians essentially. She used the show to highlight their lives when no one used to care about them.

They went from D list to A list FAST. That is why knowing what you are good at is one important tip. She used her background in being a publicist and the fact she knew many low-key celebrities to help boost her family's popularity. When it comes to business, don't try and do it all.

2. Always go after what you want.

The second tip is to always go after what you want and take advantage of opportunities like Kris did with launching "Keeping Up With The Kardashians." You heard that right, Kris LAUNCHED that show and now it has become the thing I look forward too weekly and I am proud OF IT. She had an idea and found a perfect time to take action towards that idea and I am HERE FOR IT.

3. Don't get lazy.

Kris Jenner literally said at a conference she spoke at that she wakes up around 5 am, plans literally everything, and gets a workout in (obviously I summarized this into my words). I am not saying you must start your days like this, but I am saying that motivated people go farther and that's just facts! What are your top three things each day and do you stick to it?

4. Read the room.

She knew her family and what their talents were and ran with it. That is super important! Could you imagine Kendall being anything but a model? Like a chef or singer? No, of course not! Kendall is an amazing model and Kris used that. Even though I give full credit to Kylie and Kim for building up their beauty empires, I really think things would be different if they didn't have Kris Jenner to look up to.

5. Everything is business.

For the final tip, she means business because she's a visionary. Everything is business. I'm not advising you to turn your entire life into a business platform, but maybe start looking for opportunities everywhere you go. Network, connect, don't sit inside and watch Netflix. Go to events and meet new people. Don't look at failures as embarrassments, but as room for something exciting and new! What a mindset change right?

Basically, people think it's weird or strange that I look up to Kris Jenner, but I think it's odd that they don't. They just see the franchise as something to judge, but I think it's something brilliant. Look past what is posted in Cosmo magazine about this family and DO YOUR RESEARCH! I wish nothing but Kardashian's blessings and success upon you all. xx