If you want to start a bullet journal, I promise you that you can. There is no set amount of talent required. If you can do basic math (which I can't always do), then you're good to go. If you need convincing to start one, then you should check this out. Need more convincing that you too can do a bullet journal? Here are 10 reasons why anyone can do it!

1. There are notebooks made just for this

The notebook can literally guide you through it. Grid paper, graph paper, even a more explicit first bullet journal how-to-book are all out there for your use!

2. It's super easy

It's just a matter of drawing lines in the right places, I promise.

3. It only has to be as perfect as you want it to be

You're literally making this what you want it, so it's completely up to you how perfect it is. You don't want a whole lot going on? Cool. Don't put a lot. You like a busy, colorful page? Go for it!

4. The markers are made for bullet journaling

Don't even worry about doing the letters or the writing because there are markers specifically made for bullet journaling.

5. Pinterest is full of helpful tips

What would anyone even do without Pinterest anymore? It's super helpful for making bullet journals.

6. There are YouTubers who will walk you through it

I'm personally not into YouTube, but I know friends who use it to help them design their pages. They'll take you through step by step!