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My young friends that are reading my articles, if you have the opportunity to travel, by golly you gotta do it. Experiencing different cultures, a world outside your own, and having a different aspect of the place you live is important to growing up. Traveling doesn't have to be expensive, because I am here to help you out. Here are my 5 recommendations to anyone looking for a budget-friendly place to visit!

1. Montreal, Canada

My first pick is the French-influenced city of Montreal, Canada. If you're big into festivals, the arts, and even cuisine, this is a great option for those looking to see some new sights. The strong French cuisine, its amazing tapestry, and home to one of the world's biggest comedy and art festivals, why wouldn't you want to visit. With hotels starting around $75, it won't break the bank either.

2. Lima, Peru

If you're adventure-minded, consider Lima, the capital of Peru, as a possible option for travel this year! A lot of the tours you can take have English-speaking guides and a lot of them happen to be free as well. Free museums, some awesome architectural structures, and a lot of affordable restaurants are here, so there is plenty to explore. Barranco, also known as Peru's hipster district, is also on the list to visit if you decide to come!

3. Orlando, FL

Of course, I have to shoutout my lovely city of Orlando, FL! Yes, the theme parks are the main reason why people come here, but seriously, there is so much to do here besides Universal, Disney World, and Sea World. Being of the biggest tourist and golf capitals of the world, you name it, we probably have it here. Also, with the Orlando Magic, Orlando Apollos, Orlando City Soccer, and even the Orlando Solar Bears, the number of sports to watch here can keep you busy! Visiting Lake Eola and Downtown Orlando should be on the list as well because of that still one of the more underrated places to visit in Central Florida.

4. Flagstaff, AZ

A town that has is known for its awesome Winter Skiing and Summer hiking, this Arizona small town of Flagstaff is one to check out as well. Flagstaff is, however, more known for something completely out of this world. This town is known for being the training grounds for the 1969 Apollo Mission to the moon thanks to the lovely geography with all the meteor impacts and craters there, so you will find a lot of the restaurants and shops are actually moon-inspired.

5. Cairo, Egypt

Do I really need to tell you why you need to visit Egypt? Visit everything from the ancient days, including the pyramids. The Egyptian Government spends 1 Billion dollars a year just for tourists, so don't worry, there is plenty of sights to see!

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