Everyone seems to think that a bucket list has to be made up of crazy and extreme ventures. Personally, skydiving or bungee jumping isn’t really my thing. But you can still challenge yourself, have new experiences, and broaden your horizons without staring death in the face (or losing your lunch). Although this doesn’t constitute a full list, below are four more practical and realistic experiences you may want to include on yours.

1. Try food from 10 different countries

Sure, we all have our favorite, trusted restaurants that we frequently dine at, but why not try something new and foreign? Dining on some Vietnamese Pho, Indian Tandoori Chicken, or Peruvian Ceviche could lead to a new favorite food that you have yet to discover. Yes, it could take your palate more than one dining experience to be persuaded, but with all the delicious foods out there, it would be a shame to live life without sampling some of them.

2. Participate in a race/athletic competition

When people hear the term "race" they automatically assume running, but this isn't always the case. Races such as the Tour de Cure involve only biking, and the proceeds benefit the American Diabetes Association; and, it isn't even a "race" at all. For those who aren't at all athletically inclined, it is still possible to participate - most races and events encourage and accept volunteer help. By volunteering, you can contribute to a good cause and say that you "participated" in a race.

3. Travel to another country

You don't have to go backpacking in obscure and possibly unsafe areas to experience the wonderful culture of a foreign country. There are a myriad of touring companies that can take the stress out of traveling, and allow you to visit another country or countries safely. Worried about money?

More luxurious travel options offer several destinations in one go. Often times, tour packages can even be customized to your individual interests.

4. Just...unplug

There are so many routines and appointments that fill our time that sometimes it's hard to stop and smell the roses — especially with smartphones and other technology in front of our faces all the time. And for those who do get outside, they may do it in such a way that is easy and convenient. Rather than simply venturing for a walk outdoors, plan ways to truly get in touch with nature. Planning a trip to a national park you haven't been to, or visiting a variety of state parks, are ways to get some fresh air, beautiful scenery, and lasting memories with people you care about.