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Looks From Your New Favorite Boyband BTS That Transition Into Bomb Fall Outfits

Snatch wigs just like the Bangtan Boys this fall.

Looks From Your New Favorite Boyband BTS That Transition Into Bomb Fall Outfits

If it's not around your circle, it's in your social media timeline. Your new favorite boyband, award-winning Korean-pop septet 'BTS' is on the way to save the music industry.

Members of the band by their stage names: RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook write amazing songs about society and mental health in many genres, participate in charity work including the "Love Yourself" campaign for UNICEF, and most importantly a positive influence for this generation as they encourage us to love ourselves (while they are attractive as heck, uwu). BTS newest released album, "Love Yourself: Tear" has been a success, debuting at #1 on the Billboard 200 Chart, making the first Korean group to do so. Now, their upcoming album, "Love Yourself: Answer," is coming up on August 24th so be sure to tune in!

Plus, they have a super amazing squad of over 15 million of us fans called ARMY (and are award-winning too). We are responsible for voting at award shows, making funny memes of them on twitter, watch many videos of their adorable selves, and most importantly hyping them up to the point where almost EVERYONE knows who they are.

One of the infinitely many things that us ARMYS love about BTS is how they dress. For the seasonal transition from summer to fall, I've compiled a handful of the boys' put together attire. And I'll show you how YOU can recreate these stylish outfits.

1. V's co-ordinate long lines


I am in love with this outfit from my boy V. This outfit is from the Dispatch photoshoot from almost 3 months ago in Los Angeles. First, I don't know if V wore a jumpsuit or a 2-pc set, but I went with a 2-piece set from Boohoo. Pair your look with these cute white platform sneakers from ASOS. Complete the look with this menswear-looking longline vest from SheIn, and you are off to scouting the town.

2. Jimin's blue-baby layers

@fate_jimin on Twitter

BTS's outfits for the SBS Super Concert were swoon-worthy. However, the member that stood out to me at the concert was Jimin with the layered tops.

First off, let's tie a sleeveless collared shirt from Forever 21 with a removable necktie so you can tie it with the top buttoned for a conservative look or take it off. Or, unbutton the first few buttons for a more confident look. Then layer with this denim jacket from Boohoo over it, or find an oversized striped (or even plaid) shirt from a thrift store, and cut the bottom part to create a cropped shirt. This denim skirt from SheIn fits the theme of the look, and these bright blue Target sandals will make this look great for a get together.

3. Suga's (to your right) simple but fashion-forward airport look

Suga (to the far right); @ALittleBraver92 on Twitter

BTS is known for one of the best airport looks on the planet. But honestly, I hope you don't sleep on Suga's airport outfits for running errands, or just want to ditch the t-shirt and gym bottoms for class for a day (or if you have to dress up for a project).

The re-creation of his look is comprised of an oversized button down, which is cropped for a more feminine look from SheIn. You can either tuck the shirt in or leave it out with these tapered pants from SheIn that look good on everyone. I like Suga's sandals, but I'd swap them for transition-appropriate mules from Target. Then this black satchel from Nine West polishes the look.

4. J-Hope's extra black ensemble

@HopeSmiling0218 on Twitter

I think this is J-Hope's most memorable outfit of 2018 thus far. This fit before the promotion shows in Korea show that Hobi is BTS's fashion superstar. I like this wide leg jumpsuit at SheIn because it has a slit on the side to show off your legs. Then I would pair this feminine jumpsuit with a boxy, edgy cropped jean jacket also from SheIn with the rocker embellishments. And if J-Hopes shoes are extra, why not add this faux fur sandal from Boohoo to finish this look.

5.Jungkook's retro style overalls

Run BTS! 2017 - EP.30 on VLIVE

This look of Jungkook comes from BTS's VLIVE series that every ARMY is talking about, "Run BTS!" In that episode, the members dress up in back-in-the-day outfits and play throwback variety games. This look is great for tailgates, especially scouting in your school's colors. This bold stripe sweatshirt and these overalls from SheIn send retro vibes. Finish off this look with these cute sneakers with gold stars from SheIn to rep the Golden Maknae himself.

6. Jin's clean cuts

BTS In My DNA 2.0 on Youtube

Jin's style doesn't have much, but clean lines that compliment his amazing personality and handsome face. I fell in love with the Face Yourself era photoshoot with athletic-style detailing. The center of attention is this eye-catching pullover from Forever 21. Here's my twist: I want to create Mic Drop vibes with this look, so I would pull up the cinch bottom to make a crop top illusion, add a black SheIn denim skirt, and add white booties from Forever 21 to finish off this look. Clean cut with an urban twist.

7. RM's denim on denim sensation

@BTS_twt on Twitter

Because RM usually posts on the group's Twitter, I HAD to put his #ootd post on there to recreate. I know I got some denim going on, but lemme create something similar to this right here. Because Joon loves him some wide legs, this SheIn pair of jeans pairs great with the Forever 21 top. Because of his love of sandals, why not include flatform sandals from Boohoo, and you'll feel like RM in no time!

BTS V 태경 on Instagram: “"출격 준비 완료"”

Seven boys, seven looks. With infinitely many to choose from, BTS looks good in all of them. If you love BTS like I do, then you will have so much fun recreating these looks for the transition between summer and fall. Pop in "Fake Love," and you'll snatch wigs in no time!

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